Saturday, August 27, 2011


IN the past I decided not to present flowers in me blog,  after visiting at least thirty over there, (here is nothing to look), except one, besides this one,  mostly about veggies.  In those blogs, once in a while, a rare, unique flower was shared.  Often it was the same, over and over, since most gardeners in template countries like, USA, buy in similar nurseries.

There are two blogs that would have to be excluded, both based in arid/dry/cold conditions practically in the center of that country,  not only with know how but excellent photos and information. The rest in the north east and Florida, are lame and bland, in me classical intercontinental humble opinion.

At any rate. Polianthes tuberosa has been present in me life since childhood. Never seen planted on the ground , but in cut stems, in glass jars.  Sold in some street markets or by  'door to door' fellows with a bunch under the armpit. 

I saw the first one planted in a relative's garden five years or so ago. The second, six houses down in me street, where I got mine as a present from Ramonita. Considering the garden as a whole, one plant many not seem like much, particularly if one consider the foliage.  Polianthes looks like any other weed, aesthetics is not their thing.

Rengui my plant exchange partner, in law and collaborator, has informed yours truly that Azucenas are perceived as a good luck charm. This  explains noticing them for such a long period.

For this same reason Azucenas are present and sold in botanicas. If you do not know the term go search under Santeria religion for a better glimpse on the issues.

Now,  Azucenas are mentioned in One Hundred Years of Solitude, the masterpiece from Garcia Marques a Colombian for the globe.  These fragrant flowers are also mentioned in Silencio, a composition from a fellow islander from Aguadilla City, Rafael Hernandez, one of the first to have his music featured in Hollywood films from moons ago.,_Nardo_o_tuberosa/hat 

For some DK reason Azucenas are always mentioned along Nardos, according to the information in the link above Nardos and Azucenas are synonyms. The information presents all you need to know in terms of commercial  cultivating and selling.

In one of my previous posts: The Nardos and Azucenas Mystery Solved, I found they are not the same. If you want to know, you know the drill.

that is that.

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