Monday, August 15, 2011


Yesterday, while waiting for the order in the best, (probably), Chinese resttaurant in the SJ Metro area, with  Condado Lagoon behind and the Atlantic ocean across, I noticed what seemed a pain in the arse child, perhaps six of age, hiding under the sushi bar counter top between the stools. I was odd.

A few minutes later, the little bastard ran away towards his parents by the exit door, since he had broken some metal part in the mentioned counter, left hanging on a stool.

The action took about six or seven minutes to develop. Not until the metal part fell, I made the connection, the hidden message still unclear.

Five decades plus 24 months ago, in a nice art deco bar, El Cebucan, in Caguas Country, where a Doble Seis pub stands now I had a similar experience .

My dad was sitting to my left. Your humble servant started, as many children do, to feel under the counter, unlike the bastard above, I could not see.   I kept testing until I felt a cool, smooth surface.  I pulled gently and it broke falling on my dads lap...It was a long neon light I had dismembered.  

I never forget that evening. Well, I do not think of it often after all the time elapsed, however, an argument started between me dad and the owner about the cost and paying of the repair.

I was sent home, scared as hell knowing me dad will certainly whip me violently as he did once in a while, unlike me mother, who did it almost daily for any excuse, being hyperactive and all, plus the little genius in me, most people living in negation five decades plus two later, refused then, branding me as problematic,  to accept or acknowledge.  Adding injury to insult as a figure of speech, the same ones, not only expect, but DEMAND humility!

The see saw in the tittle does not require a thesis. People of merit, those with integrity, character, criterion are like that cliche of  a needle in a haystack.  I judge people and every situation I can put my fingers on. If I do not understand, I research, until I get a grasp.

One thing I have learned or remembered during the last couple of days while receiving an exceptional number of congratulations in my six decades anniversary, is that most people take one for what one is.   Abrasive or soft as a granite kitchen counter.

The see saw, like waves, high and low tide remind me of  life as it often feels/seems from inside out. It is never  the same according to the focus, perspective, position...Like a garden at eye, ground or above eye level. The same thing with a different perspective changes accordingly.  Beauty, good will, good people are there, needles in the haystack.

that is that

Thanks to all who have demonstrated
some affection for your grouchy servant.
I do apprecite it. 
Good luck in your projects...

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