Wednesday, January 11, 2012


WORDS  are unnecessary.  Some readers may find some of this, just another case of beating the dead horse you know where, or throwing pearls to the hogs.

However, I have the feeling that some people appreciate in 100/35, but mostly out there in the five continents, the opportunity to share these critical views, to be all one can be, what I am committed to do. 

Those who went to college getting a degree in this or that should demonstrate skills, creativity, originality beyond the vulgar, ugly, predictable,  common places they have imposed upon  the masses and perform accordingly. These last two posts  leave no doubts.

I reiterate, every  garden installation in Puerto Rico stinks. 

                                         that is that 


  1. :) You sound like our friend from the Desert Edge, but in the case of both your blogs, I think you may both be right about people landscaping in New Mexico and Puerto Rico. You have to wonder what some people are thinking....well some of them aren't...and that's the problem:) I have similiar frustrations in Tucson but there are actually people here that do a great job creating an environment that works for both people and wildlife. And it's cool when a place gets it right.

  2. Well Rohrerbot friend, you are the lonely one. If we do some adding there are four on this side of the fence and you there. I wish I could find one or two installations and write: Well, what do you know, Antigonum is NOT always right.

    Thanks to you and all those who drop by with or without comments.


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