Sunday, February 19, 2012


   THE lord works in mysterious ways..Unlike ultimate fighters/warriors, I can not beat or kick the defenseless adversary on  the ground.  All this torture to me ears with 200 decibels, has ended with the cancellation of me membership, with one of me posts as the reason.

It shows the aptitude and business savy of the owners/manager. Do not keep the volume at a reasonable level, no, get rid of the elderly using one of his posts as the reason, while keeping the fire exits locked to avoid anyjuan from entering free to the premises. Believe it or not.

This is the final email sent to the not so bright, intelligent or reasonable manager, native of some southern neck of the woods..    

Add star  Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 6:44 PM
Dear Mr. X,

Thanks for taking 90 seconds, to respond.

When a customer request respect, and his/her emails are not responded
as business protocol and  professionalism demands, it shows on your
part, very little or no understanding
of the law, health issues as hearing loss with unnecessary musical
decibels for both,  customers paying a membership and your staff.

My requests to keep a healthy volume while I trained, even with ear
plugs,  were mocked and ignored, arbitrarily, more than once,
increased after my requests.

Following business,  logic,  any cancellation of my contract, within
the law, requires not only a written notification. Asking me to call
you, futile, since talking to you and Mark Gross was pretty much the
same as talking to a wall.

Since your club is run by the blind and unsophisticated, leading the
blind, I have nothing to add.

If I have offended you, I  declare that at sixty of age, I never saw
such amateurish management practices in half my life in the USA or
Puerto Rico.  Your club is the first establishment,
where the customer with criteria, is not always right.

The law, elementary school logic demanded a written statement. I did
not become a member by  telephone, I signed a contract, in person.
You have the right to cancel, is not the issue.

All of you came here expecting to create a night club or a disco in a gym?

Not to get into what in the USA will be a violation of fire department
codes without any control
of CAPACITY and on top with ALL the fire exits, LOCKED.

Lets hope there is not a fire on your premises...The law suits will
leave you and every one else without socks.

Finally,  congratulations for yesterdays showmanship.  Tell the big
headed, inner city middle aged from the Bronx; that his cocky acting
was very amusing...

Do what you have to do, send the written cancellation. That is that.

your humble servant

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