Wednesday, February 8, 2012


THE previous post generated fruitful comments in many ways.  Squatters, on this neck of the concrete/asphalt/noise woods, signifying the same as in an apartment building abandoned o as in Spain. When the owners go on vacation, Rumanians or any other move in...

Or in brief, plants, not weeds, growing in undesirable, unexpected or unwanted places.

 Pepita Jimenez, reporter, photographer, collector  with criteria,  shared this squatters on the road,  growing in/on metal.  They do not need identification since one is a common place and the ones by the rear windshield, unknown to yours truly.

What is pertinent is that with the fern there is no soil or humus available. It grows just with rain water and available dust provided by wind.

The ones by the windshield does have dry leaves, branches, dust and water, becoming humus with time.

The first grows by spores, second by seeds.  

That is that.

In retrospection
Isabel Sanchez
Cristina Sanchez
Pepita Jimenez
have collaborated
to make this blog,
the most documented
in the Caribbean
and beyond, 
with classical humility,
unless you or anyjuan else
can prove otherwise.

I hope this will  be the first
collaboration from many to come.


It seems that car has been left to his luck,
getting rot...since my estimate for the repairs
cost as much as the vehicle.

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