Tuesday, October 25, 2011


DURING the last couple of weeks I have been pondering about the urge to write, share, about my surroundings, the evident, my perception and reactions to  the  situation in general.

IN the process I have discovered AM Radio... 1320 on the dial. 3 analysts between 5/7 PM have been the inspiration. The fellows Nestor Duprey, Carlos Galliza and Ignacio Pinhero provide insight, deep, blunt, merciless without the harsh tone dominating my discourse.

I decided to follow the example.  Humor and a somewhat milder tone does not take away the bluntness, creativity or originality of the criticism of whatever the subject may be, or the setting of trends.


Following the new ways, I do not care anymore if the reader is into botanical nomenclature or not.  Why should I bother? Anyone knows by now to find a botanical with the common, if not...you know the drill..

The young papaya tree, around 5', is doing well. The  grafted lemon and aji picante crops were wonderful. My guerrilla activity continues. Between five  and ten new species were introduced in former San Carlos Hospital. Passiflora edulis after wonderful times with deep shade and many fruit, passed away, its life cycle been completed...However, the one in the north side, somejuat younger is delivering some already.


The execution, jackals style, of the former dictator in Libya, leaves no doubt as to the type of democracy to be developed  among those six million infidels.  Che Chevara came to mind.  At least his execution in Bolivia, CIA financed,  was somewhat more dignified If I may.

A pity that Mugabe, that son of a beach, did not have a similar end since Zimbawe has no clean oil for those nice and philanthropic countries of Europe and USA, helping with the destruction of the deceased.


On top of all the happenings, here and there, the most disturbing is the public debt 64,700 millions is what we owe the loan sharks financing this cave of thieves.

This land of enchantment, of bizarre politicians a la Robin Hood, robbing the poor to give to the rich, has fell so low that a Secretary of Education tampered with water and electricity meters for years, setting his house in fire to avoid a meeting with worthy constituents in the senate. 

In a far away town of hicks, Lares a neck of the woods, hundreds of people, mostly employees from the municipality got together to defraud AFLAC, when they got caught by the federal authorities, their defense? Entrampment...

And so life goes on down here...Day in and out...The difference is that now having lost over twenty pounds of fat, going to a certain gym to work out almost daily, I am getting as handsome as I use to think I was four decades ago, without the hair on my head, but much more humble. 
that is that.

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