Wednesday, June 29, 2011


THE last post in my previous blog endemismotrasnochado, still strong with 6,225 visitors from 112 countries, was written on 20 April 2010.  This post will deal with the usual suspects. 

Those clusters maps allow your humbleness to find out the origin of visitors to your favorite and its branches. Having being educated/trained to teach history, geography, latitude and longitude, with solid notions on  cartography I often wonder why in hell some visitors arrive to these chores since there is NOTHING in common between their geographical station and mine.

Unless they come to laugh at my pidgin English,  criticize my abrasive, acerbic, unforgiven tone or enjoy my talent as a photographer.  Look at your own blog reader, if you have one.
Figure it out.

My case is simple.  Some hacker/hackers from those far away places, countries in the third world and/or those European countries like Rumania, a third world if there is one, were able to penetrate the blog and all the email addresses in the account.  

Next, they sent an email to everyjuan I had written in the previous two years,  informing them of  some misfortune I had suffered in London requesting $1,500 dollars, since I had lost me passport, money and credit cards.

Martin Anderson, simultaneous interpreter/translator in the Civil Court in Manhattan, New York,  a good friend from Wisconsin and former colleague, was one of the recipients.

The other person receiving the email describing my British misfortune was my real sister. Lets call that bitch, Olga Iris Feliciano, and her husband, Angel Luis Rosa Lugo, fictional names (to protect me
real identity) from Savarona and residing at  Villas de Castro, calle 9-0-13, in the recently created,  Caguas Country.

Considering that irony is the incongruity between what happens and what actually occurs, I had a good laugh imagining the fool hacker requesting a ransom from my thief Adventist sister and husband.

Olga Iris and  her scum husband, had stolen from yours truly in the last thirty years: $50,000 USA dollars from a property in Savarona that should have been shared as brother and sister from a legal matrimony, but the Adventist, an avaricious beach
who has received rent money for 3 decades  with no moral qualms as to what belongs to the brother, your humbleness.. 



I have to declare that after rereading some of the Pulitzer
material in endemismotrasnochado in Spanish/English after
all these years, the quality has improved somejuat
since the bitter, intense anger has being going down.

that is that

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