Monday, April 23, 2012


NOT long ago the people  or you  reader, may remember that  post about a grain, not a cereal, couscous  like, from Bolivia  your humble servant discovered through the airwaves of  Radio Nederlands.

Well, the good news is that me wife bought some. One for is  microwave, other for the sauce pan. I have tasted both,
and I recommend it.   No, it is not an advertisement. I am not into 
that bag yet. But could/should send me some  euros, cash or check to help maintain this blog, as it is suggested in depuertorricopalmundo, a blog about puertorican 'happiness'.

If you like Pinot noir, Syrah/Shiraz, Australian or not,  Tempranillo/paella from the mother country, Belgian beer, Guinness/Jameson, single malts/blended,  Mexican gastronomy, their hot chiles or our Capsicum, tequila neat/lemon/salt,  Modelo/Dos XX,  Palo Viejo/Ron Llave, rubbing alcohol tasting moonshine,  even if they are not truly rums of Puerto  Rico,  wild rice, sushi and such you may/will like quinoa.

I say more, if you agree with the above, you are/have potential to become a first division gardener as stated recently, but only so, if accepted by initiated peers. Do you  have solid notions of plant propagation, or in the path to become one, with pertinent evidence? Otherwise, you,  will not be accepted in this exclusive vip group.

I believe having mentioned it before.  But if not, what the hell. I did some time in a  couple of restaurants as a cook assistant in dull Springfield, MA.   My favorite chef is Karlos Arguinhano from Spain, and former chef Antony Bourdain, now into  eating, traveling and talking about food/cooking, gastronomical contexts. 

Emeril Lagasse was a clown with his 15 minutes of notoriety with a beach towel in shoulder. In Puerto Rico, imitated by a couple of jerks: Chef Pinhero and some fat dude (Chef Puya) fired from his tv show, for DUI. 

Too many people is not aware of it, but there are other ways to go about agriculture without trans-genetics.  Quinoa is one example. Yet, let the record show, fornicating with pregnancies Haiti like will destroy the globe.  No matter how naturally or artificially food production increases. It will never be accordingly. It never was.
Just like automobiles and assorted vehicles will never slow down to have enough roads/highways/parking lots to transit and rest. That will never happen. 

Now if you want to taste something new,  helping by the way those farmers cultivating quinoa in Bolivia and Peru, go ahead.

editors note

Congratulations! It is been a long while 
since we, in the third person saw, 
such of display of humble humor.

that is that


  1. My wife made some quinoa last week...not bad with a little butter; my sister in California made it with some kind of shaved orange rind / citrus...not so good. Sounds like a great food, perhaps with some good ways to prepare it.

    1. I will not drop by CA for lunch. I had the one in the photo in a pan. The other one is cooked pretty much like rice. The possibilities are as great as the imagination..The nuttiness reminds me of wild rice, a trip like no memory lane.

  2. Some time went by since this post....I declare that now, June 2012 that I eat as much or as little quinoa as rice, since me wife is hooked and kindly prepares a cup or two for your not so humble servant to mix with anything imaginable.


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