Monday, October 11, 2010


SOME  may have thought that humor is something really scarce around this concrete/asphalt USA territory in the Caribbean, or colony if in that state of mind,  but there is always room for improvement. It is time for some silly information that you could do without, but will have to bear up with your humble servant.  

This legend is taken from Flowers of Puerto Rico and The Exotics, yep that is the tittle. The author, Edwin Miner Sola (787-757-4020), a dinosaur, not once in the wild web or with an email address, as I had a chance to confirm in a kind, brief conversation with this self taught, rigorous, humble,  without credentials in the field, character.

Totally ironic that Mr. Miner displays in all his books wisdom and knowledge, contrary to Areces Mallea, the Cuban jerk Phd, with more tittles that the Duchess of Alba.

page 174

"The fruit was named for its spiritual virtues and not for the sensual ones.  The legend was developed and revealed by the ancient Spanish and Italian explorers in South America, who were missionaries and botanists.  They maintained the purpose of the Creator in respect to the Passion fruit flower, was to promote the spiritual life among people where it grew, and named it as "The Flower of injuries".  Due to the confusing formation of the flower, its different parts were identified and used to represent the various implements employed in the crucifixion of Christ.  The Passion fruit flower was used in th conversion of the South American Indians to Christianity.

When writing a treatise on the Calvary Cross during the early 17 century, the Roman writer Jacomo Bosio was visited by travelers who confirmed ancient reports about the discovery of the marvelous flower in  the forests of South America.  To Bosio, the flower not only represented Christ's Cross, but also the Passion mysteries. In Bologna, Italy, drawings and engravings of the flower appeared and poems and descriptive articles were published."

Before anyjuan brings out the killing of indians, aboriginals or you name it, by catholic conquerors from Europe, let the record show that is the history of humanity.  Sword in the right,  Cross/Bible in the left hand, to get cheap labor, natural resources and followers of that fat incomprehensible book.  If you look at it, nothing has changed much. The difference is that now, some will blow themselves in pieces along with you and innocent or not bystanders.


When I planted the first seeds I did not know that I would become a fan of Passifloras, besides the urge of
getting privacy and cover from my riff raff neighbors and their abandoned property next door.

I do not care much for the juice to be honest.  I look at the jellyfish like looking flowers in my imagination and the kiwi like shape without the hairs, plus the sweet fragrance when I hit the yard in the early afternoon. 

It is time to finish. The family is Passifloraceae.  In my collection:
Passiflora edulis the one for juice,
Passiflora foetida and pallida l., collected before the uglyness, uneven sidewalks, cracks, weeds, uncovered water meters, puddles, feeling like a foreigner in the metro area of San Juan, stopped your humble servant from walking around the streets and alley ways of Santurce.

I still do not understand why people in the concrete/asphalt isle, plant, care for hedges when vines will do the same, with less tools, effort and organic waste..

Apaga i vamonoh.

If you liked this, what can I write.
Next: The collection in families, the triplets...

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