Monday, November 26, 2012


There are many signs, indicators of poverty, misery, been poor of spirit, forgotten by society, your government and philanthropists to name a few.  I do not mind a shack with palm fronds/mud as walls/roof and dirt floor, nothing wrong with that.

After watching a documentary about  Cartagena de Indias in Colombia, where 400,000 blacks--afrodescendants if you prefer-- live in squalor, the most disgusting sign of poverty and lack of imagination, stagnant raw sewage and people living around it, was the central scene.  It brought images of Haiti where the situation is custom and use.

I saw the photo, read this article thinking how can people be so stupid, ignorant or both.  If every family of ten or so, had one of this waterless toilets there would be no disgusting sewage, stench, diseases and mosquitoes.  However, every time any ONG, or similar international aid agencies go after some disaster to help they bring latrines instead of this pragmatic portable toilets  requiring only saw dust to do their work.

As a result, these poor of spirit in our vale of tears could plant some some breadfruit, plaintains or bananas and the human waste could be use as compost/fertilizer, with a great benefit, they will never run out of it.  Unfortunately, when you watch these sad, resignated and forgotten people, not one is keeping a garden or doing something around their environment to improve with imagination their surroundings. 

DECEMBER 19 2009  


For more than a decade, 57-year-old roofer and writer Joseph Jenkins has been advocating that we flush our toilets down the drain and put a bucket in the bathroom instead. When a bucket in one of his five bathrooms is full, he empties it in the compost pile in his backyard in rural Pennsylvania. Eventually he takes the resulting soil and spreads it over his vegetable garden as fertilizer.

"It's an alternative sanitation system," says Jenkins, "where there is no waste." His 255-page Humanure Handbook: A Guide to Composting Human Manure is in its third edition and has been translated into five languages, but it has only recently begun to catch on. His message? Human manure, when properly managed, is odorless. His audience? Ecologically committed city dwellers who are looking to do more for the earth than just sort their trash or ride a bike to work.
(See reusable toilet wipes as one of the top 10 odd environmental ideas.)

"It's one of those life-changing books," says Erik Knutzen, 44, an eco-blogger in Los Angeles. "You read it, and the lightbulb just goes on." Now he eschews his porcelain potty for a big bucket with a toilet seat. He "flushes" by tossing in a scoop of sawdust, which not only neutralizes smells but also helps speed the breakdown of material for compost. Like many back-to-basics sophisticates, he believes Jenkins' humanure system is more sanitary and more rational than the conventional alternative. "Human waste is a perfectly good source of an important resource, nitrogen," Knutzen observes. "Water is a valuable resource too. Why mix the two and turn all of it into a problem?"

Wastewater treatment is much more energy-intensive than composting, which needs little more than time (about a year) for complete decomposition and pathogen elimination. In Austin, Texas, a sustainably minded nonprofit called the Rhizome Collective succeeded this year in getting the city to approve what may be the first legal composting toilet in the U.S. "The hypocrisy is amazing," says Lauren Ross, 54, a civil engineer involved in Rhizome's four-year battle to get a permit. "The city will buy you a low-flow toilet, but they'll fight you all the way if you want to build one that uses no water at all."

It's an idea that you, dear reader, might be asked to take seriously. Not long ago, Nance Klehm, 44, a self-described radical ecologist in Chicago, invited her neighbors to stop using their toilets and start saving their poop. More than half of them — 22 of the 35 households — accepted her proposal. In three months she picked up 1,500 gal. (5,700 L) of excrement, which she'll give back to participants this spring after she and Mother Nature have transformed it into a rich bag of fertilizer. "I've sent a sample in for a coliform test," Klehm says. "There is zero detectable fecal bacteria."
(Read a brief history of toilets.)

At one point, Klehm invited her "nutrient loopers" to a potluck and was surprised to see who had agreed to participate. "It was the white collar people, not the ragtag anarchists. Mostly, they were delighted that they got this wacky proposal," she says. "They didn't know how to connect with the earth, but they could s___ in a bucket."

Meanwhile, over in California, the Marin Composting Portable Odorless Outhouse Project, a.k.a. MCPOOP, is doing Klehm one better. The goal of MCPOOP (which is pronounced the Irish way as opposed to the rap-star way) is to get the government into the night-soil business and put humanure toilets in county parks and town squares. The group is less than a month old but already has the support of the local environmental establishment and Marin County supervisor Steve Kinsey. "The whole thing is like a good acid flashback," says Kinsey. "We approved several experimental permits like this in the '70s." He estimates that a small-scale municipal demonstration project could be under way in less than a year.
(Read "Is It Time to Kill Off the Flush Toilet?")

MCPOOP was founded by a couple in their 50s. "We're on a mission to re–potty train America!" says John Wick, a rancher in the western part of the county. "We're going to start by replacing those nasty blue loos," says his wife Peggy Rathmann, referring to two chemical toilets on their town's main square. If that goes over well, they'll replace the chemical toilets around Tomales Bay that kayakers often use. And then, who knows? Wick and Rathmann don't see why every home in Marin County shouldn't be humanure equipped.

To Joe (Mr. Humanure) Jenkins, nothing could be better news. "On a small scale, my system works like a dream," he says. "But in order to do more research and development, I need to to collect humanure on a larger scale."

MCPOOP and other projects are eager to help on the supply side. "We're going to have plenty," predicts Rathmann. "Tons of tourists come to West Marin, and they all leave us their poop!"

his is an expanded version of an article that originally appeared in the Dec. 14, 2009, issue of TIME

Thursday, November 22, 2012


THE recent discussion and rejection of allowing women bishops in the former empire casts some light regarding this church with guts of considering a situation that will never, ever cross the Catholic church.

Historically women, along aboriginals and blacks anywhere white devils rule, particularly in the New World, have been little more than donkeys or animals to pull, till the soil.  

Abortion, birth control, divorce, and a while ago the right to vote were issues thought as sin, against gospel, church dogma.  Women are perceived conventionally among Hebrews, Islamists or Christians like egg laying chickens of babies.

What do I care, being a misanthropist, you may wonder?  Well I do not believe in equal rights, I am not equal to anyjuan, certainly different.  However, that does not make me blind to oppression and injustice, stupidity and conventional rules in gardening or any other
subject in this orbit or the other.

I reiterate that maternity, having children, spreading them extremities to the first fool coming with love stories when in reality the intent is to fornicate and hit the road, in an over populated globe is a crime against humanity and the better future so many fools talk/write about.

As with the church example, in this hemisphere,  the others, where female children are not welcome, sold, married like goats, women are useless except for fornicating and procreating.  

Aboriginals in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, to name 3 of my favorites, had their land, religion, languages, culture, taken away,  way of life destroyed thanks to progress and avarice, in reservations. However a week ago, while I read a long essay about the big deal slavery in the USA, Abe Lincoln, civil war and secession, the big deal of being equal in the constitution, the damn indians are not mentioned once. The injustice is just described, defined for them darkies, as if the aboriginals never existed. As if they do not exist anywhere.   

In brief, the black folk, aboriginals of the world and women in any culture, have the same problem: being unwanted, invisible, perceived as useless except for the reasons mentioned and any other you may think of.

As long as women continues the spreading of their extremities with children along, male chauvinism, abuse, physical and verbal, economic dependancy will continue.  One more thing, after giving some thought, domestic abuse should be seen, with the Stockholm syndrome in mind. 

that is that.    

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I HAVE BEEN away from fans, foes and keyboard for a while. It is time to return with some fun, not the usual obscure, critical and abrasive
trend dominant in me writings.

But before we get there, lets mention the sharpshooting skills of those Hebrews and poor marksmanship of the Palestinians, apparently not aware of the Vietnam War, their skills to build solid everlasting tunnels, cities, hospitals underground, defeating the enemy over a decade of raining bullets and bombs.

Now if you are one of those thinking of proportion of the bombings, It is hard to punch the enemy half the way, when they started the rocket exchange.  Israel will not be destroyed that way.  Some creative new way is needed, until then, Palestine will look moon like with a great demand for funeral services.. 

Back in  the studio, Momo, the black tan retriever, new family member has become the  resident archeologist  digging holes, big ones, wherever he thinks some historical pieces may be of his interest.  

A mischevious character, every time Momo enters the premises, grabs anything within reach, phones, tv remote control, flip flops,  with certain joy, dropping it minutes later, for the hell of it.

Lalo the pale one, in turn has become more and more relaxed with his company and constant sparring matches day and night.  His stamina and agility is balanced against Momo;s growth, weight and size. Both get tired after a while, taking power naps and returning with this friendly matches. 

The south and north gardens have suffered with the excavations. I have relocated some plants not without some irritation, thinking during the process about those people without a penny in their name, getting pregnant, having children.

The piss and poop department of having pets is a royal pain in the arse. People with the urge of having children as in fornicating, in vitro or the surrogate way, should try to keep a couple of pets to determine if they are suitable to be parents.  I have no problem, since I decided not to fall in that silly convention four decades ago.

Finally, considering the joy and affection animals of company provide, without any particular expectation in return, any garden should be thought, as with children, in mind.  Some plants will pass away, most will survive.

that is that  

Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

Vinicius Cantuaria - Ludo Real

MUSIC is also part of me life.  This token has been significant. I will never forget the first time I heard it in Tower Records, the second most important record store in Manhattan, during our self imposed exile.  At the time, the first and biggest  in USA, was Virgin Megastore in Times Square,  it had the pleasure to have me as 
a cashier for two winters, in the classical music department, before I became a simultaneous interpreter/translator in the Civil Court of the above mentioned.

I am not sure, but Cesaria Evora, originally from Cabo Verde, and Radio Tarifa, from Spain,  were also heard for a first magical time on that day.  These stores  are no longer available, they passed  away literally or as a figure of speech, thanks to digital music and downloads.

In brief, music, as gardening, demands some introspection and critical views with credentials. Nothing is written in stone, except biblical and irrelevant views of yesterday. Digital music has killed vynil, cd's and who knows what else will fall victim of  CAPITALISM, during me lifetime or yours. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rosemary and Thyme S1 E1 [And No Birds Sing]

  one of those rare tv offers for people who enjoy every aspect and possibilities of horticulture, enjoy...

Monday, October 29, 2012


THIS morning as I was opening me eyes in the dark, the rotund,  figure, twice as mine, his friendly smile, powerful, yet soft voice of Lester Figueroa, a landlord/tennant court attorney appeared in a dream, telling your humble servant that somejuan was inquiring about moi.  When I was going to ask if the inquirer was man or moman, I woke up.

Why Lester and no juan else?  He was an anomaly in  the New York State Civil Court, for one reason. Not many attorneys had studied in the  Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. His spoken English was unusual, since native speakers of any language tend tend to inflect their usage with a melody and particular pronunciation when using their second, not Lester.

Bai the guay, let the record show--since we are into attorneys and court anecdotes--besides language issues, have you ever wondered about those native  speakers of English in the Caribbean such as Jamaicans and Barbadians, requiring subtittles? Is it their origin in the dark continent with their native languages, is it the British influence? What the hell is it ? Have you any idea?  If you have not,  please do.

Phonetics in one language are responsible for that way of speech, called funny by some native bastards, who can only speak English, referring to us the speakers of the second, even if they can not spell oxymoron or hieroglyphics to name two. That is something too many people never bother to ponder.  Speech/pronunciation/accent,  has nothing to do with understanding, writing, spelling, sentence structure, semantics and anything else you may add. Please remember, if you may, one thing is missing, intention. Think of it, most spelling bee contests in USA are won by foreigners or children of.

Every country, their citizens have a national sychology.  That is what some speakers of English as a second language living legally or not, in many countries, never get.  Language is never in a vacuum, nor are its speakers. That is a geat lesson, experience learned after five years as a simultaenous medical  and court interpreter/sight translator, living a third of me life among white/black devils.

I witnessed the segregation of all interpreters and condescending treatment at 111 Center St.  I would say by fifty percent to be kind, off personnel employees, judges, attorneys, court attorneys, court officers and judges. It appeared to me that these people thought of themselves as better, intellectually superior;  high school or college graduates,  no matter if darkies or blondies, speaking only ONE language.


Attorneys all over the world have a nasty reputation.  However, my experience is mixed. There were honest attorneys from both sides, not everyjuan was a trickster, it did not matter if they were representing the landlord or tenant side.  Most were competent and efficient, except for those working in Legal Aid. The worst attorney was a Puerto Rican, a fat, slopy, ill dressed by the name Ramon Gutierrez, with the grace and talent of some illiterate street peddlar.

Interpreters were mostly adequate, only a few with college education. Too many, were into the advocate bag. The worst were Nicki and Pedro Ramos These fools forgot permanently the ethics of the interpreting.  One is not there to advocate for tenants, but to repeat parrot like what they had to say without editorial comments or interfering with the procedure.

I was well known for my habits, interested in cut the chase, quick and efficient use of time, always.  For that reason, I got along pretty well with many attorneys and staff. Others thought I was a pain in the ass for the same reason, not into pleasing anyone at any time.  After all interpreting is not a public relations position.

Presenting and sharing horticultural, environmental, gardening and maintenance views and situations is not different. Ethics and asthetics are always involved.  In interpreting, if you ask, the beauty, was to overcome the hostility, to disconnect oneself  from each side interests. To perform effectively to reach a stipulation.  Tenants were always crying about repairs, when too many times, was only lacking money, and unwillingness to pay for whatever reason.  

Looking at the whole, it seems that most people are into presenting their views out of context, for their own interest and gain no matter if in a court of law, a blog or you name it.  It is always what convention, complacency, convenience to their pockets should rule.

If you consider for one moment that gold, diamonds, copper, silver, tin, oil, wood, coal, food, water, air,  anything that is necessary for living, requires the destruction of the globe in wholes or parts, to put in focus once in a while ethics and aesthetics is a good exercise when writing or ruminating superficially or in depth about this or any other issues.

that is that. 

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