Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I HAVE been pondering about the isle  difficulties to solve problems.  In reality, virtual or abstract.  It seem related to some genetic inability to grow, to develop useful concepts that may transform as times go by. In turn they could applied to life in general. That life shared with people or as  individual.

The tittle of this post could have been: Cuando yo era pipiolo*.  Right out of high school, in college.  For your humble servant the Palestinians were then the victims, the Israelites the evil ones. USA the bad, Cuba, China, Russia the hope for the proletariat. A totally Manichean world, still is for them felines. Black or white.

Forty years later, me stance is clear.  Israel is the only contention civilized people have in the west, against the  Islam fans, blowing unlucky bystanders and each other for theological differences.  In addition to share power and money making possibilities.

Los cuatro gatos or four felines that historically have demanded, claimed freedom have to change their discourse and register. How could they explain the lack of following, indifference, except  among some anointed zealots? Assimilation? Brain washed population? Coloretes/Azulotes?

Recently I made a squashing argument in a mockable blog regarding the timing of certain book published about CAL or 
Comandos Armados de Liberacion.  As an anarchist, I do not have any respect for anyjuan applauding terrorism in Palestine, ETA or al Qaeda, here, there, anywhere.  It makes no difference. Even if this isle group passed away and some are still in jail.

Minga/Petraca Blog Guild is into the four felines mentality. I belonged to the Tonho Gonzalez era of  PIP*. The four felines are unable to get along. They all want to be the chief.  But that is only one of their handicaps.

The rhetoric, register, nomenclature still sounds pretty much cold war times. The widow sucks, since freedom of speech for her stiff jointed ideas, music in particular: Olga Tanhon, Juanes and Los Angeles Negros to name a few, may/may not have any value except for those objects one put on shelves for termites to munch on. 

This post leaves no doubts as to which way the shots are going.  One should not depend on shitty newspapers, radio or television to generate ideas, criticism that is mostly lame and trivial, 

Our problems: urban chaos without enforcing of any plans, judges and legislators for sale,  tax evaders, money launderers, shitty schools, teachers, hospitals, no public transportation, lack of decent roads/highways, unemployment, drug traffic, overpopulation, constant traffic jams, pollution of soil, water, air, sound waves and environmental destruction is a result of imbeciles without imagination, balls to do what is right without fear of offending those with money power.

The colony is the excuse to have created these useless, monster, unproductive, hopeless society, exploiting the metropolis and blaming her for ALL our problems, lack of imagination and vision.

Take your freedom urge and shove it, or Give me librium or give me Death.
 that is that

Puerto Rican Independence Party 


Tuesday, April 26, 2011


SOME FANS AND FOES, may have wondered...Well here is I. With natural bilingual laugh. I have been working on a concrete project.

The constant looking at it, every day, indoors, outdoors; smelling the sour sweet smell of if when hot, after some rain, really overwhelming. A pain in the ass if I may. I am under the suspicion that the murdering of aesthetics, the general dullness, lack of imagination, the impossibility of modulating the voice, the constant hollering and loud stereos is an evil influence from concrete and asphalt.

I know, no joy yet, at any rate, if you want to transform any concrete pavement surface that has been painted as in my case, you need some money to buy five gallons of paint, masking tape, assorted brushes, a good pulse,  two rulers, a tape measure, chalk and crack filler.

Stay away from circles, I made that mistake as you will see in photos in a couple of weeks. Concentrate on designs with straight lines and angles, with occasional curves. 

Most important,  place your art in some context as I do: Rothko, Kandinsky and Pollock, not necessarily in essence, but spirit.

In this original work, not me first. That was four decades ago,  Tito Collazo, neighbor/graphic artist and Gladys Munhiz the juan and only, provided valuable suggestions regarding design and color scheme.

Stay with dark colors, the walking, dust and dirt will be less noticeable.  Keep in mind that any pavement is really part of of the garden, to enhance the vegetation, the space or enclosure as PJ Allen preaches.

If  YOU can not weed for forty or thirty minutes in a row, do not attempt this project. It is very hard on back, knees, neck and arm.  When you put things in perspective, the historical one, painting will wonder how in hell anyjuan will design or paint anything in a ceiling as in a Sixtine Chapel or like wise structure.
That is that

Glad if you like it or not...
Check FLICKR to watch all the pictures
from this stage of the work in progress.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Many islanders are prone to preach about the environment, however lacking imagination, will, energy or god knows what, limit their output to repeat as an echo what someone else has stated.

Others, just with good will, brain dead and ignorant of the issues, preach and recommend dangerous practices for the populace in general. I just saw in some blog or newspaper photos of some imbeciles celebrating their crops of batatas grown in car tires.

These fools, do not know about chemicals polluting soil and water  byproducts of rubber when exposed to sun and rain  They are so dangerous that many people refuse to use any product made of recycled tires to use as compost or in children playgrounds as surface.

And so life goes on. Here are some pictures of recycled stands, a bucket and tin can that anyjuan could add to his/her garder in/\out door with some aestethical value and very little expense.  A couple of spray cans, and some imagination.

that is that

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


DURING THE MONTH of February 2011, on the 20th, it was featured in the post GUERRILLA ATTACK!

I discovered it while returning from a trip to the hardware store. The feeling was not new since it is not the first time something I plant is destroyed or stolen.

But things must be kept in perspective. Check this out. There is a bridge, Dos Hermanos, not far from here. It had beautiful art deco bronze lamps in its columns. The junkies with the aid of our incompetent police force stole them. Two or three years ago...

The Carnegie Library, a historical building  from the 1920's on your left, has been in this pathetic stage of abandon, while remaining open to the public since 1989.  The jackasses in charge, even allow termites to climb on the concrete to feed from the wooden ceiling as you see in the pictures.  Even the zinc on the roof is rotted.

For those reasons I am not that sad or angry. The stealing of any plant, considering the decay of this society as a whole,  in the literal and figurative sense of the language is more pathetic.

Click on the links to observe this photos in flickr...It is a Believe it or Not situation.  
thata is that.
dario apaga la luz.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


THE focus on architecture: materials, shapes, proportions, scale and proportion, style, aesthetics, functionality,  symmetry and use of space leaves one with just one, composition as the essence. Most of it consists of straight lines, curves or a mix.

For the above reasons, I detest anything about pyramids, temples, religion enjoying those from Peru, India, China, Japan and Thailand. 

At any rate, when I observe structures with average or exceptional architectural beauty, abandoned for decades, I wonder what the hell happened to the owners? Their relatives? How can anyone leave millions of dollars thrown to waste?  After all, one could donate, barter, sell or rent a property instead of having it ripped off any metal of value.  I will present a series on this theme soon in flickr.

Gardening wise, the relation  between these abandoned properties and our environment is pretty clear with sugar on top. If any person can pay no mind to valuable real estate, with every segment of society navigating in similar waters of indifference, then environmental destruction will encounter the same reaction, who cares? Is not there, not noticed, a natural part of life.

With these words of wisdom
your humble servant
moves to a few medicinal plants in the collection.

Aloe vera
Nice as a refreshment drink. Good for skin fungus,
infections, fights arthritis, helps digestion. 
Useful for acne constipation, herpes, hemorrhoids,
plus ten or more
Urena lobata
Capsicum frutenses
Datura stramonium
Cosmos sulphureus
Turnera subulata
Zinziber officinalis

 The above, belong to this group. There are some more,
m but you got the drift by now. If interested, go to research: name + medicinal uses.  You will be surprised to find those in your own collection that are used to cure this or that.

apago i me voy.

Saturday, April 9, 2011



MY vocation to demonstrate stupidity and indifference gets more simple through architecture.  Men enjoy playing, God, you know
the creation and such. Well, in PR, the concrete asphalted isle, there are structures with difficult to determine values. For a few considerations, one, beside the metallic/real estate,  there are,  sentimental, historical and aesthetics.

The over abundant fools will demand my credentials in such, I do not need any. The photos will show well kept, designed structures, with correct scale and proportion, detail, care, use of space, angles, curves and/or landscape.  Or the contrary, ugly concrete boxes, many abandoned for decades. These excludes abandoned ones with the virtues/values mentioned.

Check them out. Click on those links on your left.

Now lets get to our thing. The doctor or witch one if you prefer relates to my collection with medicinal virtues I have never discussed in detail. 

Occimun basilicum is better known for the eating and cooking..Try the leaves, fresh on top of pizza. or di scramble eggs,  it is a trip.  Ear aches? Squeeze the leaves, a few drops will do it. In a tea mode it suppress nausea  menstruation, nervous migraines, headaches. To name a few there are ten more problems that could be solved with different part of the plant.  I wash my hands.  Let that be me disclaimer.  
To be continued..

I am tire, befoe I leave.
Palabras con luz. 
Looking at it, the gardening spectrum is divided among organic, inorganic practitioners, vegans, hollistic yoga fools, landscape architects, agronomists, commercial, private, residential practices,
educator/preachers/monitor environmentalists and the rest of people who had never planted to watch it germinate a damn seed of
 bean or corn worrrying about OUR imminent, future famine in PR.  To all the above: Keep on trucking. Cada loco con su tema. 
Antigonum rules.

apaga i vamonos.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


WHILE me English has been developing slowly, my harsh, unforgiven ways somewhat mellowed, my photographic skills are improving in my view, my eyes, the ones that matter.

If you have enjoyed some of my pictures in the past, now you could visit the link to your left.  Somehow, I believe that my ways dealing with these blogs will take a different turn.  I am getting tired of preaching in the concrete/asphalted desert, locally.  Nevertheless,  I have felt great response and feedback from far away lands no matter what the subject was.

It is really ironic but who cares...I have those people in my thoughts often and wish them well.  When I visit their blogs or read their comments I feel there is some hope in the world for better things.

At least in the far away lands.  Over here, the son/daughters of beaches in every segment of the population are mentally catatonic, unable to recognize talent, originality, creativity, vision and cojones, IN GENERAL, my humility, allows me to see a couple of needles in the local haystack.  

that is that...until next.
I have tons of pictures
never used, and those already made public
will certainly look better.. 
besitos i abrazos

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I HAVE BEEN watching the scene from many angles, for years now.  The population in general does not know which way to go.  The herd depends on one eye men leaders, goats taking care of the lettuce or wolves with sheep skins.

Our patrimony should not be rice, beans, roasted pork, or bomba, plena, seis, danza only. Architecture is also part of it. One  architecture that would set us apart from other countries a obsessive fascination from the flag flaunting mass with any excuse. Unfortunately, the architects sold their integrity for big bucks. As a result the San Juan metro zone is mostly match boxes. In the vertical or horizontal modes.

It is amazing when one think of the variety of construction materials available in the world to construct, to create, sticking with stick with just one.  These pictures show a little part of the whole. One example of how the originality, individuality in our residences was erased with the Leavitt and Sons cookie mold housing projects.  Architects, project designers, contractors, engineers and banks are responsible for plastering the whole island with structures that are hot, ugly, unfriendly to people and the environment.

This post continue later with other wooden and concrete structures in

apagad e iros.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


SOME amay be wondering. Could this be true? Antigonum going the
Higuaca Guanica
scuba doggs
Arboles de Puerto Rico



All the above are talentless people who used/use the environmental issues with little or whole ignorance about essential matters except making a profit, or a little bit of money, without credentials and or credibility. At least judging as a critic with my credentials and standards. 

La Chiguingua, or the just commerce clan, at least never hid their intention, friends of Alberto Areces and a prophet Joel, who refused to tell me the lotto winner,screw them.

Everyjuan recycles, reuses, turns the electricity and water off or suggest that you wipe your butt with recycled toylett paper as the prophet above to save trees.
I in turn designed and created this exclusive hanging and not hanging tin cans. They are more attractive and expensive than the crap offered by the rainforest gardener in Florida.

THE Camile Roldan Collection consists of  2 ocre colored  wide tin cans and  galvanized bucket for the accessible price of  EU 300. The package includes my own soil, certificate of originality and autograph. If you live in Puerto Rico and prefer personal delivery, it could be done for EU500.

The tall and narrow green hanging cans Liliana Ramos Collado Collection are going for EU400 and EU600 with personal delivery and the  above works. 

Let the record show this Liliana character is one working in some useless museum and the muse for these tin pots. As it happened, when I mentioned a tree soon to fall in their property museum and their  impressive stupidity using a rare lawn in the metro area to park cars, she made one mistake. She got cute quoting Shakespeare and some other crap about happy mediums and Versailles. Well, almost a year later the parking and the falling tree are still there. There. Fool.

On the reuse theme, tin cans go to the waste dumps daily by the thousands, ground coffee, dry leaves by the tons. These are the soil components I have always used.  One could use the wires from those ridiculous plastic baskets from nurseries. Or instead of 3 holes, make 2 as i do any wire will do.  You could create, develop the concept with fishing line, leaving the impression your cans hang in the air from a distance.

You could go folkloric leaving the cans without any spray paint, showing the brand. Liliana used Keebler, in our house and most Puerto Rico it was Sultana.  

Next time you read in feisbuk the incredible amount of stupid advice, good for template countries in the first world, to save the earth, think locally and create something. Stop repeating like a fool what others say. Another little notch please.

apaga i vamonoh. 


Monday, April 4, 2011


PABLO Escobar Gaviria was portrayed as a merciless butcher by the moral, fundamentalists of the imperialist, global, 'democratic' forces in USA.

However, when I look back I do not know of any philanthropist building housing, futbol courts,  providing electricity and water connections for the wretched of the world.

The theological and political butchering among those Shiis and Sunnis is it more palatable to anyone?

I believe the reason why the countries of consumers insist on a senseless war against producers, manufacturers, packers and distributors of ANY drug, is the lack of possibilities to corner, manipulate or monopolize those industries as they do with everything else.

TheAmerican Medical and Sychiatrists* Association would be losers if these drugs become legal, since in alliance with pharmaceuticals  both have a monopoly with the manufacture   of drugs for this or that disease they have conveniently defined and  prescribed the medication.

When I look around and observe all these obscenely fat people of all ages due to anxiety,  junk food, soda and lack of exercise I think of the legality of killing yourself eating like a hog and none of the agencies mentioned think or consider making these murdering staples illegal for minors.

Drugs are here to stay. Unfortunately those countries against it should realize for once and all the rule of  offer and demand. After all, drug traffickers have not request any bail outs from government or tax payers to save their operations since they do not speculate irrationally with the money from gullible and avaricious fools.

A note from the editor
 No more useless letters*

Save the bales! 
Give me librium or give me death.

Sixties slogans

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