Sunday, July 3, 2011


Yesterday,  was Borders night at Plaza. As I have reiterated there are no libraries worthy a grain of salt over here. The most important the Carnegiee is fallen in pieces. You can see the sky through the roof, as I have demonstrated in flickr. 

The amount of noisy, stupid children with parents was remarkable. I did not find anything new in the garden topic, but in Art Forum there were some of my favorites Pollock, Kandinsky and Rothko, "The Irascibles", juat a wonderful name.

The numbers of fat, ugly people  in Plaza, was probably one half of the total. Gross if you ask me. They walk with difficulty, making me think, imagine tinglares, killing whales and manatees.

These fat people are a product of television, junk food, anxiety and most important, lack of exercise. These scumbags are often the ones taking the elevator one floor up or down.

They are ruining most medical plans and public health services in many countries, since these morbid obese also carry diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and others  you may research on your own. 

I will solve, reduce, ameliorate this problem in the following manner. Place a conveyor belt in every junk food joint to move people toward  the order/cash register station while weighing them simultanously. Have a scanner to measure their height measuring the fat levels, allowing X or Y calories only per order.

Make and enforce laws making it illegal for minors of 15 to order or buy, eat these killing foods without the company of some idiot parent/and or adult.

Do not allow fat people to eat inside any building, after all looking at them is not fun, nice. Treat them as smokers are treated, pariahs or as if having leprosy. Maybe they will get the message.

The actual discrimination fat/obese people complain about is not enough to make behavioral changes. After all, no juan is force feeding them as geese for pate.

Meanwhile, smokers can not find a spot to smoke. They have to get wet if raining, freeze to death if cold, sweat bullets if hot. Why not treating these obese tinglares, orcas and manatees,  as smokers  do? Create public television/radio messages, similar to Corona. Place a  tinglar moving towards to some french fries, pepsi and one pound hamburger in the sand.

 Diseases are costly to society, it does not matter if lung cancer from smoking or diabetes, high blood pleasure for eating junk food like a hog.  Make them pigs aware just as smokers .Treat them like crap, worthless, useless, in brief repugnant. Their excuses and justifications water and salt.

Advertisements could  also be worthy a try.  Place in bags of potato chips, candy, soft drinks, photos of fat repugnant people in wheel chairs, beds unable to move. Take the approach used against smokers in some and former British territories.. Placing disgusting photos of lung diseases connected to vicious smoking, a lung with tar in the cigarette box...May that help?

BAN fat obese and ugly people from churches, airplanes, movie theaters, restaurants and public beaches. Where available, a scale and a track field. Make them exercise, walking around the track or tread mill the amount of calories to be ingested, each time they order. 

Antigonum practices what he preaches. At 6'2", 6 decades old, and 226, is eating smaller proportions and burns 600 calories every other day exercising.  Is not what you eat, but the amounts.  Sitting like an arse watching la tele will not help you to be handsome, wise and or set trends.  The practice of horticulture will help with those 3 or HWST.

Let the record show these blog is EOM. 
Or equal opportunity misanthropic.

that is that
japi 4 of July.

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  1. 4 July 2012

    Let the record show the most productive blogger in the Caribbean with the most documented garden is now 212 pounds heavy. I practice what I preach and rarely mistaken.


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