Friday, April 30, 2010


IT IS TIME to report on the vegetation at home.

Meditation thoughts
for today
DO you have a garden or a collection of plants? 
Are you humble by nature or struggle as I do, with it?

Dear gardener/reader, does it really matter if you/one show an aura of humility night and day, like the Cole Porter song, or demonstrate with his/her plants, references, research and above average will to share, improve his close by environment? 

On the first question, I am inclined to declare that considering the way
I plant, without much thought to what the feeble 2uglas Kndelabro installation school shows, it is a collection. Nothing is planted in bunches, or silly rows with the CORNY curves, demonstrated all over Puercorico.

The Carica Papaya, nine months old, after reviewing my journal, continues ahead developing this yummy fruit, still not ready.

All Plumerias, white, yellow and pink have flowers and leaves simultaneously, something that is not always the case.

There is a new hole in the concrete driveway, at the end in the corner, on the picture at right. It is about 18 in diameter. A pink Hibiscus was planted along some DK vine, a week ago. 

I eliminated one of the vines in this area after a suggestion and some pondering. I had my doubts but the space looks cleaner, less busy. 

ON the other hand since this north space receives little sun in an angle, the Bethelhem star, Gardenia, Euphorbia pulcherrima, will be
warmer and brighter from now on.

interaction anecdotes
while irrigating

One lady from la Espanhola stopped your humble servant in 
an irritating rush to request some plant. 
I told the ugly fool to get out of the car 
and show me the plant.
It was the Star, Cosmos sulphureous.
I gave her a bunch of cut leaves for some
medicinal tea. Something else learned.

The second adventure was twenty minutes later. This curvaceous
native, stopped to enjoy some of my flowers, with some irrelevant chit chat. Told me she planted a Guaicum officinale from seeds of trees
I much admired in Old San Juan.  A brutish painter kill it while
washing brushes with thinner. If you have a garden,  beware of those
stupid handy men: natives or imported. 

the two new inductees to the collection

Mesquite, planted from Guanica seeds and
Origanum vulgaris 

Thursday, April 29, 2010


I AM NOT IN A very good mood to be honest. After the hacker made it
impossible to access my other blogs, I wonder what is the point of sharing whatever cross my mind, usefull/less for the reader for myself and mental sanity.

But the show goes on...For the last two days I have been walking again
down these mean, ugly, cracked, uneven, too narrow, with architectural barriers, water leaks of used or drinkable, garbage and something never mentioned before: water meters without lids, stolen or broken some are perhaps eight inches long others eighteen.  If you are not careful you could pass away in a fall if a senior or brake your neck if younger.

However, much more scary is to cross avenues or streets with traffic lights since puercoricans may pass the red light without much remorse
or stop at the green to answer their mobile phones. At any rate, it is a pain in the ass to walk down the sidewalks of this piece of shit  island.

This empirical, and above all objective statements may explain why our backyard 'environmentalists' defending the salty, fresh and in between water streams, garbage collectors in water/terrain, mad tree planters/huggers, agro chicks, ecological markets, edible gardeners,
never approach the issue of NATURE in the URBAN CONTEXT,
since all these zealots are afraid of WALKING.

My walking habits are old and I will mention some historical landmark walks done in the past with my other half.  In that
marvelous WALKING real, reachable place for walkers, New York:
From 186 St/Broadway on the West Side, our former residence in Manhattan, to 59 St. Columbus Circle, a beautiful memorable walk, for ever young.

In Puercorico, USA, from Miramar to the University of Puerto Rico and last but not least from the predominantly black town of Loiza in the north, to Pinhones, Carolina City. These strolls took place decades ago when the isle had not reached the 2,000,000 vehicles mark.  Imagine it! 100 miles concrete/asphalt long isle and 35 wide, with over 4,000,000 inhabitants of which over five percent are illegal ultraislanders from nearby territories.

Getting close to the end...On top of those observations please add
the concrete/asphalt heat, the damn dust from Africa or nearby volcanoes, the sofocating
humidity, more adequate for Virginia or any state in that region, the noise, mutilated trees left and right, too many people in parks, roads, highways built without any thought or maintenance.  This is hell, live,
from Puercorico with love?

Which reminds me, in the sixties, the intolerant fools to real/not imagined criticism created a bumper sticker: Puerto Rico love it or leave it!  To those
in that school I respond: Screw you, reality bites. Time to go..

Monday, April 26, 2010


THE TRADITION, of mock interviews started in Anglospano Review
and upinthebreadfruitree.  Blogs no longer accessible to Antigonum Cajan, your friendly and humble host for reasons already known.

Q: Tell us mighty legend on your own mind how did you coin the concepts 'pendejismo paisajista', 'endemismotrasnochado'?

A:  Before I get to that, if I may. Recently, following my vocation, I demanded some information from some obscure, amateurish, recently arrived, DUNE SAVIORS in Isabela.  The ignorant fools responded that your humble, trend setting servant has no identity, as an excuse not to proceed.

Q: I see other jerks, new in town, following the footsteps of Alberto Areces Mallea and the Olmec wife?

A:  Exactly. ANY restoration, requires an inventory of FLORA/FAUNA and soil analysis as established in 'The Once and Future Forest'.  This must be done before any ill advised adolescent minded project begins.  Later you determine from that inventory, what is to be planted according to the conditions of wind/soil/shade and such.

Besides that I want to address the identity issue.
Only a fool will/would question the authority of anyone with credentials and evident experience for using a pen name.
It would be the same to discard Mark Twain or Phillip Marlowe
because they were created, characters or pen names. 

These are not the only idiots in the environmental rainbow in Puercorico.  There are others...NONE of the fools understand
realize, comprehend that BIODIVERSITY, is the WHOLE scene in NATURE, not just TREES, jerks!  Just as it was done in Parque Donha Ines by the known criminals, the BIODIVERSITY issue, the
most important, is ignored put aside, swept under the carpet as if planting, and  planting while the Builders Association, individual
feeble minded fools, Highway Developers, Puertorican Trees and Sierra Club watch the hundred of trees destroyed and mutilated with resignation.

I reiterate. You can tell the ignorant idiot easily.  NATURE consists
of reptiles, insects, birds, vines, plants, herbs, spices, climbers, trees, bushes, fungi, you get the picture? Why then, EVERY  passenger in the ENVIRONMENTAL bandwagon continues with the same lethany with trees and planting trees in the COUNTRY side where Puercorico does not need them? Could we plant, care systematically for them in EVERY urban context, FOOLS?

Q: Do have many friends down there/here? Could you explain the concepts mentioned in the first question?

A: I suffer from social disfunction, I do not give a flying fart about friends. I am here just setting trends with my observations/plant collection and inventory. Intelligent gardening practices, in brief: NO TURF or PALM TREES or HEDGES with FICUS.  The biggest stupidity that has become standard here.  Promoted by agronomists and jerk landscape architects and the following sheep illiterate and else.  Pendejismopaisajista is all the above.
Endemismotrasnochado is the UTOPIAN arborist view of some not well educated, selfish, narrow minded individuals without  any experience about these issues. These are people demanding that ONLY endemic trees be planted and in the case of the Olmec and Phd Areces Mallea, destroying tens of exotic trees in Fundacion Luis Munhoz Marin, as I witnessed between 2002/05.

Q: Are you done? Any small conversation to finish this suspiciously short interview?

A: As long as I am around, I will write/say it again. NATURE is EVERYTHING, water, air, sun, soil, every creature idiots.   Get some information, one track minds from hell. Think, plant bushes, climbers, plants, would you?
Some fellow GIDE? Wrote that everything has been said/written already. But the populace does not pay attention. It has to be repeated again.  Perhaps one will get the message.  Time to go.


Sunday, April 25, 2010



In Puercorico, USA there seems to be a competition among
the environmental criminals and the do gooder environmental  teamThe first will 
kill whatever trees, flora and fauna with it, and the second
will plant silly trees, anywhere as if in a frenzy without any mantenance plans, preferably in the country side, where the isle already has plenty. The land of the feeble minded, isle of concrete, asphalt.  

The tittle was inspired or copied if you prefer by some islander novelist, recently in the news.  Ugly, an embittered expression one rarely sees, except maybe, Edgardo Rodriguez Julia, a so so writer with similar quality.  I read them both. Nothing to add.

At any rate,  Luisa a somewhat cute, stocky, pale, chatty neighbor from calle Barbe, dressed in her classical odd looking thin cotton gown more appropriate while doing household shores than walking around dropped by a few days ago.

She came to inquire about her lost dog, Bonita.  A brown/black small of undisclosed pedigree can.  Apparently my visitor, left it unattended while running errands and the dog, her constant shadow, resented it 'hitting the road' as Jack from the well known tune did.
While we were chatting in front, I heard the irritating noise from a trimmer being used in the sidewalk/gutter.  Who else? Junior, the toothless, dressed with pants/shirt with dry paint drops as in a Jackson Pollock masterpiece.  This character, however has never been painting in the two years I have lived here. A mistery.

Junior the jerk is the skycrappers handyman two houses up the street.  He has never heard of glysophate to kill weeds.  This brought into the conversation herbicides and Luisa, named Roundup...The classical glysophate for fools who do not read
the instructions or ingredients.

I told Luisa that Ortho, produces a glysophate with 41% vs the 5% of Roundup of the active ingredient, for a third of the cost.  I am writing about the one ready to be sprayed sold in any hardware store.  The problem with Roundup is that while you spray the weeds, it will run down your hand, fingers skin...Being toxic, not a good buy.
Do not be a fool. Buy the one gallon sprayer, add the 3 ounces in the instructions per gallon of water and spray the hell out of the weeds every six months.  Or follow Junior the jerk with gasoline,
oil, trimmer or Julia every thirty days with hers.  

We chatted for one hour about many things that are not pertinent for the blog or gardening.  Four hours later she returned with good news.  Bonita was spotted in el Condado, perhaps over a mile away from our street.  The person who found the dog gave her a call, kind enough to bring it home.


Guerrilla activity:
6 Sanseverias
3 Plumerias
1 Agave
All in San Carlos the former hospital
That is that.... 

Saturday, April 24, 2010


 AS some readers may have noticed, endemismotrasnochado and siamese twins blogs are off the air thanks to a hacker.  However, is does not really matter since the collection, me
garden are still around.  Setting trends, humbly and kicking butts likewise. 

APRIL 2010

Alocasia cuculata
Allamanda cathartica
Arashis hypogea
Asparagus sprengerii, densiflorus
Aloe vera
Alternathera brasilians
Asytacia gangetica
Andropogon citratum
Antigonum leptopus

Bryophylum pinnatum
Bauhinia monandra
Brunfelsia pauciflora
Barleria repens
Bouganvillea buttiana
Bixa orellana
Canavalia maritima
Citrus sinensis
Citrus aurantifolia
Chrysothemis pulchella  *
Clitorea ternatea
Costus graptophyllum, speciosus
Cuphea hissofilia
Carica papaya
Coccoloba uvifera
Clorophytum diurnum, comosum
Calliandra haemathocephala
Catartus roseus
Cosmos sulphereus
Commelina elegans
Cyperus involucratus
Cuphea hissofolia
Datura stramonium
Dracaena marginata
Diffenbachia amoena, picta exotica
Dipterantus prostratus
Eucharis amazonica
Euphorbia tirucalli, pulcherrima
Epiphylum oxypetalum
Gardenia augusta
Guaicum officinale
Gloriosa rothschildiana
Hibiscus cannabinus
Hippobroma longiflora
Ipomoea quamoclit, batata, aegyptia l.
Jathropha gossyfolia
Jasminum multiflorum
Lipia micromera
Malpighia glabra*
Merremia quinquefolia
Mirabilis siciliana
Manihot esculenta
Murraya paniculata
Myosotis ***
Oximum basilicum
Ochna mossabicensis
Origanum vulgare
Petroselinum crispum
Passiflora edulis, foetida**, pallida l.**
Pandanus utilis
Pedilanthus tithymaloides *
Pentas lanceolata*
Pereskia bleo
Phalaenopsis    * 
Proiphys amboinensis
Pithelobium dulce
Pseuderantemun reticulatum, carruthersi
Plectranthus amboinicus *
Pleomeles reflexa
Polyscia balfouriana, fruticosa
Polianthes tuberosa  ***
Peperonia pellucida
Plumeria rubra, alba
Rhoeo spathacea
Rain joe
Rosmarinus officinale
Ruellia officinale, brittoniana, tuberosa

Sanseveria trifasciata
Serpol tuymusserpyllum
Tunbergia alata, erecta
Trimelia martinicensis
Tulbagia violacea
Turnera ulmifolia, diffusa, subulata
Tradescantia pallida, zebrina
Urena lobata
Wedelia trilobata
Zephyrantes nelsoni, citrina, grandiflora
Zinziber officinalis


* Added on 24 May 2010
**  June
*** September

Tropical Ornamentals
W. Arthur Whistler 

IF it seems that I have more species than your  far away or near by nursery, you are probably right.  With this post I expect to leave no doubts regarding what motivates my gardening practice.  It is far BEYOND a hobby; as some former classmate referred to my collection and writings.  If you are a serious gardener, in theory/praxis, make your inventory with botanical names.  It is tedious, takes time, it never ends, but will save you lots of headaches in the long run. One example will do. If you have a problem with any of the above plants, the only thing you need to solve it, is to write the botanical name + diseases, + pruning, + care or anything else it may occur to you...The solution will be at your fingers without asking stupid questions in Feisbuk or any other garden forum. LEARN to be self sufficient. If you enjoyed this:
endemismotrasnochado, Anglospano Review; upinthebreadfruittree,  may be of your interest...Time to go...

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