Wednesday, January 4, 2012


THE older I get,  less tolerant I become to sit in a vehicle more than 45 minutes.  To old San Juan, I could walk in 90 minutes from our residence in Santurce. 

The best time I have spent in this centuries old space, was during the last day of 2011, it was deserted.  What an impressive site! Without vehicles and better yet without hordes of people, natives, tourists, mumbling, chit chatting fools!

At any rate, photography is something I am slowly getting into, but not with the bullshit typical of travel guides and those shitty photographers who never see
focus on anything that would kill a sale, screw them. 

There is some beauty in some of the pictures, i dare say/write. Others are featured in recent posts in other blogs, but the best deal, if you believe I am becoming some sort of a tropical Ansel Adams or Avedon...go to flickr.  

That is that..


  1. Antigonum, to photograph is to see, not just to look, what to many do. I do like the glimpses of your eye, the unloved building; I wished I could love it and restore it to its former beauty, as the doorway shows and the pretty duck egg blue of the walls. The apricot well loved beauty, well kept with pride. The building style is simple but very aesthetic. The alley, who lives, loves and works there; mysterious. Good day to you and keep seeing. About getting older, fantastic because we are getting wiser too, I hope! Happy New year dear Antigonum cajan. T♥

  2. Thanks for your kind words..I agree about getting wiser....Happy New Year to you too....Until then...


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