Monday, April 26, 2010


THE TRADITION, of mock interviews started in Anglospano Review
and upinthebreadfruitree.  Blogs no longer accessible to Antigonum Cajan, your friendly and humble host for reasons already known.

Q: Tell us mighty legend on your own mind how did you coin the concepts 'pendejismo paisajista', 'endemismotrasnochado'?

A:  Before I get to that, if I may. Recently, following my vocation, I demanded some information from some obscure, amateurish, recently arrived, DUNE SAVIORS in Isabela.  The ignorant fools responded that your humble, trend setting servant has no identity, as an excuse not to proceed.

Q: I see other jerks, new in town, following the footsteps of Alberto Areces Mallea and the Olmec wife?

A:  Exactly. ANY restoration, requires an inventory of FLORA/FAUNA and soil analysis as established in 'The Once and Future Forest'.  This must be done before any ill advised adolescent minded project begins.  Later you determine from that inventory, what is to be planted according to the conditions of wind/soil/shade and such.

Besides that I want to address the identity issue.
Only a fool will/would question the authority of anyone with credentials and evident experience for using a pen name.
It would be the same to discard Mark Twain or Phillip Marlowe
because they were created, characters or pen names. 

These are not the only idiots in the environmental rainbow in Puercorico.  There are others...NONE of the fools understand
realize, comprehend that BIODIVERSITY, is the WHOLE scene in NATURE, not just TREES, jerks!  Just as it was done in Parque Donha Ines by the known criminals, the BIODIVERSITY issue, the
most important, is ignored put aside, swept under the carpet as if planting, and  planting while the Builders Association, individual
feeble minded fools, Highway Developers, Puertorican Trees and Sierra Club watch the hundred of trees destroyed and mutilated with resignation.

I reiterate. You can tell the ignorant idiot easily.  NATURE consists
of reptiles, insects, birds, vines, plants, herbs, spices, climbers, trees, bushes, fungi, you get the picture? Why then, EVERY  passenger in the ENVIRONMENTAL bandwagon continues with the same lethany with trees and planting trees in the COUNTRY side where Puercorico does not need them? Could we plant, care systematically for them in EVERY urban context, FOOLS?

Q: Do have many friends down there/here? Could you explain the concepts mentioned in the first question?

A: I suffer from social disfunction, I do not give a flying fart about friends. I am here just setting trends with my observations/plant collection and inventory. Intelligent gardening practices, in brief: NO TURF or PALM TREES or HEDGES with FICUS.  The biggest stupidity that has become standard here.  Promoted by agronomists and jerk landscape architects and the following sheep illiterate and else.  Pendejismopaisajista is all the above.
Endemismotrasnochado is the UTOPIAN arborist view of some not well educated, selfish, narrow minded individuals without  any experience about these issues. These are people demanding that ONLY endemic trees be planted and in the case of the Olmec and Phd Areces Mallea, destroying tens of exotic trees in Fundacion Luis Munhoz Marin, as I witnessed between 2002/05.

Q: Are you done? Any small conversation to finish this suspiciously short interview?

A: As long as I am around, I will write/say it again. NATURE is EVERYTHING, water, air, sun, soil, every creature idiots.   Get some information, one track minds from hell. Think, plant bushes, climbers, plants, would you?
Some fellow GIDE? Wrote that everything has been said/written already. But the populace does not pay attention. It has to be repeated again.  Perhaps one will get the message.  Time to go.


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