Sunday, April 25, 2010



In Puercorico, USA there seems to be a competition among
the environmental criminals and the do gooder environmental  teamThe first will 
kill whatever trees, flora and fauna with it, and the second
will plant silly trees, anywhere as if in a frenzy without any mantenance plans, preferably in the country side, where the isle already has plenty. The land of the feeble minded, isle of concrete, asphalt.  

The tittle was inspired or copied if you prefer by some islander novelist, recently in the news.  Ugly, an embittered expression one rarely sees, except maybe, Edgardo Rodriguez Julia, a so so writer with similar quality.  I read them both. Nothing to add.

At any rate,  Luisa a somewhat cute, stocky, pale, chatty neighbor from calle Barbe, dressed in her classical odd looking thin cotton gown more appropriate while doing household shores than walking around dropped by a few days ago.

She came to inquire about her lost dog, Bonita.  A brown/black small of undisclosed pedigree can.  Apparently my visitor, left it unattended while running errands and the dog, her constant shadow, resented it 'hitting the road' as Jack from the well known tune did.
While we were chatting in front, I heard the irritating noise from a trimmer being used in the sidewalk/gutter.  Who else? Junior, the toothless, dressed with pants/shirt with dry paint drops as in a Jackson Pollock masterpiece.  This character, however has never been painting in the two years I have lived here. A mistery.

Junior the jerk is the skycrappers handyman two houses up the street.  He has never heard of glysophate to kill weeds.  This brought into the conversation herbicides and Luisa, named Roundup...The classical glysophate for fools who do not read
the instructions or ingredients.

I told Luisa that Ortho, produces a glysophate with 41% vs the 5% of Roundup of the active ingredient, for a third of the cost.  I am writing about the one ready to be sprayed sold in any hardware store.  The problem with Roundup is that while you spray the weeds, it will run down your hand, fingers skin...Being toxic, not a good buy.
Do not be a fool. Buy the one gallon sprayer, add the 3 ounces in the instructions per gallon of water and spray the hell out of the weeds every six months.  Or follow Junior the jerk with gasoline,
oil, trimmer or Julia every thirty days with hers.  

We chatted for one hour about many things that are not pertinent for the blog or gardening.  Four hours later she returned with good news.  Bonita was spotted in el Condado, perhaps over a mile away from our street.  The person who found the dog gave her a call, kind enough to bring it home.


Guerrilla activity:
6 Sanseverias
3 Plumerias
1 Agave
All in San Carlos the former hospital
That is that.... 

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