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IF you practice and study gardening with some discipline, prairie is a style, at least in this side of the Atlantic, identified with USA, white picket fences and so forth.  However, when you visit the web to search under prairie there are surprises since it covers lots of ground. Many things are also prairie gardens.

Your humble servant, in the Caribbean has defined it, (in the third person), as any portion/space of land in which wild grasses, plants, bushes, trees have moved and established themselves in the urban context of Puerto Rico, where concrete/asphalt have wiped out its flora and fauna in more cases than, the jerks into species in extinction care to talk/mention when they are in the mood.

Some editing, as in pruning/trimming occasionally are part of the equation. The two presented here, Upscale Trailer Trash Prairie and British Manor Style are good examples.

The two houses belong to the same family, riffraff, if you ask me. In the first, the garden is weed whacked whenever Leo, the Michelin figured jester, gets in the mood, to my annoyance and the neighbors with one of those really cheap noisy useless curved trimmers. 

The British Manor is evidently different, as if the help of some close by creative horticultural critic had helped nature to expand it possibilities with vines and such. 

Antonio Paoli, a  bright, well known tenor on his day, used to visit the original owners  during his lifetime, in this vine adorned abandoned house. The information was provided by Maria de Hostos, historian and widow of Adolfo de Hostos, son of one of our great men Eugenio Maria de Hostos.

In brief, beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, as long as the beholder in question owns criterion, credentials to defend his position. I do not say/write these two houses are attractive or ugly, but they are different, useful for flora and fauna. Both provide food and shelter.

At any rate, I prefer to see green, vegetation rather than concrete/asphalt at every turn.  Same goes for gardening. The Versailles/Zen high maintenance garden may be fine/great for  constipated minds, not for your humble servant or those aware of pollution and noise. 

that is that

Dario apaga la luh.

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  1. Puerco Rican taste probably has to do with replicating what the aborigenes see as progress. Namely Disney World, Orlando and any other suburb infested place and their favorite strip/shopping mall. Or is it chopping? Maybe these islanders could be moved to the Australian Outback. Y que escribas muchos más.


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