Thursday, September 8, 2011


Watching some local lunatic tv personality and 'analyst' with a stern demeanor to give a little weight to his usual small talk/chit chat,  as if the bull spoken was transcendental or gospel, out of the blue, mentioned and shared twitter stats and comments.

I do not twitt at all and I am  convinced after a recent commentary on one of my biblical like post in feisbuk, that people in general prefer the meaningless, trivial sentence, phrase instead of a parragraph serious in depth conversation.

The reason is simple. There is no room for criterion, arguments, credentials, any fool can join and express their shallow selves. That is democracy in action, in essence.

Clicking quickly the remote I land in Deuthsland. A wonderful documentary on Spain nationals who have emigrated to that BMW country. These are not cheap labor,  just gambling, for better futures. 

These are engineers,  all kinds,  with more than a couple of degrees in their field and others. It seems that Spain can educate them, but offer no jobs, or if, with salaries of 800 euros, versus 3 times that in Germany.

A month ago, the documentary was about the other kind of emigrant, the illiterate, propagating like rabbits, dragging along their fifty relatives slowly but surely. The original country does not matter, but the guy was telling how he went to Spain to WORK, for 1,400 euros.

I have mentioned it before, but in my street,  plumbers, electricians, masons, construction in brief, are mostly foreigners from the west island. I will declare seven out of ten. 

One arrives in the dark of the night by boat risking his/her life with the help of local and imported coyotes for that future in question...Years afterwards. there are four or five with the original one.  And so on and so forth. It seems that everywhere in the globe is the same rule: for a better future.

However, I have never seen a documentary on television telling it like it is. How many of these really make it? How can making it could be measured?

Perhaps the white nationals from Spain will make it financially and professionally, but could they really fit among the aboriginals?

On the other hand, the illiterate hordes invading left and right would they make it the way financial and economical trends fizz and 

Meanwhile, back in the studio, the local media, all,   keep their lively, exciting, favorite conversation:  el orgullo boricua....never, the other possibility, the bankrupt concrete/asphalted and overcrowded with no ECONOMY to talk about enchanted Island of Paradise.

that is that

If readers may, check NU YOL a film on emigrants from La Espanhola in NY, and a 1974 masterpiece about Italians in Switzerland, Bread and Chocolate, directed by Franco Brusati for another view... 

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