Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I HAVE BEEN away from fans, foes and keyboard for a while. It is time to return with some fun, not the usual obscure, critical and abrasive
trend dominant in me writings.

But before we get there, lets mention the sharpshooting skills of those Hebrews and poor marksmanship of the Palestinians, apparently not aware of the Vietnam War, their skills to build solid everlasting tunnels, cities, hospitals underground, defeating the enemy over a decade of raining bullets and bombs.

Now if you are one of those thinking of proportion of the bombings, It is hard to punch the enemy half the way, when they started the rocket exchange.  Israel will not be destroyed that way.  Some creative new way is needed, until then, Palestine will look moon like with a great demand for funeral services.. 

Back in  the studio, Momo, the black tan retriever, new family member has become the  resident archeologist  digging holes, big ones, wherever he thinks some historical pieces may be of his interest.  

A mischevious character, every time Momo enters the premises, grabs anything within reach, phones, tv remote control, flip flops,  with certain joy, dropping it minutes later, for the hell of it.

Lalo the pale one, in turn has become more and more relaxed with his company and constant sparring matches day and night.  His stamina and agility is balanced against Momo;s growth, weight and size. Both get tired after a while, taking power naps and returning with this friendly matches. 

The south and north gardens have suffered with the excavations. I have relocated some plants not without some irritation, thinking during the process about those people without a penny in their name, getting pregnant, having children.

The piss and poop department of having pets is a royal pain in the arse. People with the urge of having children as in fornicating, in vitro or the surrogate way, should try to keep a couple of pets to determine if they are suitable to be parents.  I have no problem, since I decided not to fall in that silly convention four decades ago.

Finally, considering the joy and affection animals of company provide, without any particular expectation in return, any garden should be thought, as with children, in mind.  Some plants will pass away, most will survive.

that is that  

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