Thursday, November 22, 2012


THE recent discussion and rejection of allowing women bishops in the former empire casts some light regarding this church with guts of considering a situation that will never, ever cross the Catholic church.

Historically women, along aboriginals and blacks anywhere white devils rule, particularly in the New World, have been little more than donkeys or animals to pull, till the soil.  

Abortion, birth control, divorce, and a while ago the right to vote were issues thought as sin, against gospel, church dogma.  Women are perceived conventionally among Hebrews, Islamists or Christians like egg laying chickens of babies.

What do I care, being a misanthropist, you may wonder?  Well I do not believe in equal rights, I am not equal to anyjuan, certainly different.  However, that does not make me blind to oppression and injustice, stupidity and conventional rules in gardening or any other
subject in this orbit or the other.

I reiterate that maternity, having children, spreading them extremities to the first fool coming with love stories when in reality the intent is to fornicate and hit the road, in an over populated globe is a crime against humanity and the better future so many fools talk/write about.

As with the church example, in this hemisphere,  the others, where female children are not welcome, sold, married like goats, women are useless except for fornicating and procreating.  

Aboriginals in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, to name 3 of my favorites, had their land, religion, languages, culture, taken away,  way of life destroyed thanks to progress and avarice, in reservations. However a week ago, while I read a long essay about the big deal slavery in the USA, Abe Lincoln, civil war and secession, the big deal of being equal in the constitution, the damn indians are not mentioned once. The injustice is just described, defined for them darkies, as if the aboriginals never existed. As if they do not exist anywhere.   

In brief, the black folk, aboriginals of the world and women in any culture, have the same problem: being unwanted, invisible, perceived as useless except for the reasons mentioned and any other you may think of.

As long as women continues the spreading of their extremities with children along, male chauvinism, abuse, physical and verbal, economic dependancy will continue.  One more thing, after giving some thought, domestic abuse should be seen, with the Stockholm syndrome in mind. 

that is that.    

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  1. Still pretty screwed. Some have been able to make money with casinos and nuclear waste. Though they're good if you want to name a weapon like apache or tomahawk. I'm sure they know the real meaning of Thanksgiving.


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