Monday, July 19, 2010


I decided to report about this catholic hospital in Ponce de Leon Avenue, because the green areas have aesthetic and historical value.

Auxilio Mutuo, was originally  located at the corner of  Calle del Parque and Ponce de Leon Avenue.  In 1909 it moved to the present location.

It was built by Spain nationals of the catholic persuasion with the money and the know how.  I believe the site is important considering the unkempt, pathetic situation of all landscaping
installations in the Metro Zone of San Juan, in  public/private areas. They are a shame.

Even the steel frame of the building has some beauty, not common in the asphalt/concrete isle.  In the hall of the building cafeteria there is a permanent
exhibition of photos depicting the development of the landscape and original building.

Something is remarkable for the keen eye, yours truly,  an odd looking tree not far from the steel frame 1909 structure.

Barringtonia asiatica, originally from the mangroves of the Indian Ocean, in the right corner of the building.  This tree is still around, healthy and over a century old.  Yesterday morning the fallen white flowers with red tips, reminded me of some grounded jelly fish.  There are other trees,  a couple real conversation pieces, go and find out.

There are two Barringtonias on the premises.  I know of four all around. One in the Luis Munhoz Marin Plantation, scumbags, in Trujillo Alto and one in a private residence in Condado.

The old and new building have a museum quality.  The mosaics in both are remarkable, inside and out. There is a chapel, a residence for nuns, fast food, pharmacy, doctors offices a whole world to do eco tourism if you have the curiosity and stamina.

All this positive presentation requires something of the opposite.  There are too many palms, too many trees planted a la classical stupid manner of our culture.  Eliminating a third of them will return this space a rare, unique beauty.  

The quality of medical services ought to be mentioned. Not shy at all, here it goes.  Some of the staff in the ninth floor STINK. 
The papers for discharge were not ready two hours after the surgeon gave the order.  The scumbags waited more than thirty minutes to give medication for pain after the victim/patient complained.

From the beginning the scumbag nurses showed their colors.  Even though a private room had been requested from the start, the fat, ugly staff pretended nothing could be done to find one. After demanding
a solution, the scumbags found it.  The idiots just could not be bothered.

In brief, Auxilio Mutuo a great landscape to visit with a hospital.
I would not recommend the staff.
Otherwise go and appreciate the trees,
walk, check the murals, black and white photos. There is no other place for free like this
in San Juan....
Time to go...apaga i vamonos.

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  1. Hola corazon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pasaba a dejarte un besazo y un saludo enorme!!!!!!!
    eso si estoy aprendiendo horticultura.


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