Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I HAVE stated it before. The save the environment claque into this fad, keep missing one point regarding our surroundings. One example should suffice.  China has 20 percent of the world population, with seven percent of the land.  How can anyone work out this equation? Think of water, food, a roof, air...

People continue procreating as in the bible. However, the earth is reaching its limits.  Saving whales, gorillas, eagles and whatever comes to mind will not save us.  There will be no food, water, or clean air for ALL, to live more or less decently, depending on variables and different standards.

Here is a letter from TIME magazine, from April 2009, it presents briefly my position.  It is also relevant in terms of edible gardens, food production, soil has its limits.

Ethics and Extinction
I applaud the tireless efforts to save endangered species and vanishing habitats, which you address in your cover story, but we need to begin to deal with the root problem:  the exploding population o human beings.  How about a sterilization credit, to encourage people not to reproduce?  We need to export and help finance information about all forms of birth control in all parts of the world, including the U.S.  We have no trouble making decisions to limit the number of other species we deem over abundant, so why not our own?

Ann B. Anderson, Atlanta 

Back in the studio, in  our Caribbean  situation, close by, the people in Haiti are a perfect example of  the rabbit mode procreation.  I believe that no matter how much money from foreign powers be wasted/invested in that country in housing or infrastructure, their situation reached the point of no return.
Only if they could cultivate/harvest a significant proportion of their diet,
with some chicken, pig, cow milk/meet on the side, for nine million people could they survive with the minimal requirements they are used to.

Some readers would like to complicate things, thinking of schools, hospitals, roads, highways, sewage system, as part of the whole, to improve the lives of these people.

To them I say fine.  Just tell me who is paying the bill?  Unless they help themselves, stop fornicating carelessly, they will remain as they are in tents, with garbage and human waste in every corner, or worse.

Religion and ignorance, laid back attitudes,  are partly responsible for the excess population on earth.  To solve the matter, ways to approach both, firmly will have to be taken.
Gardeners and environmental monitor freaks,  into mere beauty and aesthetics,
in their small pretty little cozy worlds disconnected from reality, real/virtual should give some thought to this.  And everyjuan else.
I refuse to accept that Haiti or any other country in similar conditions,  is just a result of colonialism, independence and sugar cane plantations as many condescending pundits have affirmed.

Even if that was the situation, the solution is there.  They will have to stop having children for one, two, or three decades. Apaga i vamonos.


What do you suggest?

From the Editor

Do not even think of unequal distribution of wealth.
The rich, will not distribute
their wealth as some
would like.  Not even RICH churches of all kinds do anything meaningful. Wake up.

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