Thursday, July 8, 2010


For some time, it has been raining. Every other day since May in my gardening zone, Santurce, a mile from the Atlantic.  Not having to worry about
irrigation is great.

However, flowers are not fond of it.  They fall apart. Cosmos sulphureous, for example,  bend with the weight, with terrible consequences, since aesthetics demand to pull them out often.

Rain also helps fungi, and other culprits such as slugs and snails. In the USA, there are forty species.   I never had this problem, as mentioned earlier, the amount of rain and humidity
has been unusual.  This is the best condition for these GARTROPODS to reproduce and chew away your plants.

If there are ducks in your garden, you will not have to worry with these eating machines.  I am not in the mood for picking them up with a flash light at night when they are active.

Today I cleaned the two traps in the north and south garden.  These 2.7 ounces, empty tuna cans with watered down beer are working fine. In the north, 11 snails were caught. 5 are 1/2', 6 snails 1/4' in diameter, plus one 1/2' in the south. Last week, there were 16 slugs in the south, and maybe 5 snails in the north.  Interesting for your humble servant is that they never seem to hang out together. The numbers in traps demonstrate this. 

IN other departments, the bunch of papayas decided to ripe at once, the thirteen of them!  There are about 15 passion fruits and a couple of lemons.

 I would not use Stella Artois or
Guinness for the traps.
They could not tell the difference.
If you use a two to one ounces of beer
to water proportion it will work.

Time to go.  Apaga i vamonos.

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  1. Antigonum, thanks for these tips. Now I know slugs and snails like beer. Have a great weekend!


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