Monday, November 28, 2011


IT is not easy to watch television.  Most of the offer spin around the body: miracle pills to enlarge the pecker, to satisfy her needs all the time, some to avoid waking up at night too often to piss, or the prostrate. Pecker Department.

Hair transplants to make you look younger, showing your virility and confidence. Plastic surgery for similar results. 10 minute exercise routines to have some wash board abdominals, zumba, pills to lose 100 pounds of fat in six months or thirty days.

Have you called Jenny Craig today?  These examples will suffice to get the photo/picture.
Everyjuan is trying to sell something to the mostly feeble minded fools around us.

Not I. As I have stated before it is my way or the highway.  In the last six months, I lost 22 pounds with blood, sweat and no tears, since real macho men never cry.

I started using a treadmill, dumbbells and one of those Weider cable machines at home. In addition to long strolls around Santurce, streets, avenues and picturesque alleyways.

But, probably the most significant change was in food intake department. With me wife suggestion,  I decided to change the amounts or portions and carbohydrate intake also. 

Recently, I joined LIVfitness Club in El Condado. Check this link if you ever make that mistake:
The brutal  shitty music noise level is astounding.

The manager, a negro with a Tarantino jaw, crooked bow legs, looks like some retard at you when questioned about where is it written that a gym should keep the music decibels as some crappy discotheque.  Same goes for the mixed breed membership director. They come from some Dixieland neck of the woods where cotton is not known, the wear dacron/rayon/polyester pants! On top, both bastards are not computer literate, ignoring five emails on this regard.

The chatty, loud,  crowd at the gym are mostly wimps, female and male, all doing stupid exercises with wires, using too much weight with the dumbbells and barbells, swinging their bodies unable to lift and move correctly no matter which muscle group they work out.

Noise and stupidity follow me no matter what I do. With my earplugs, reducing the racket 32 decibels, one can feel the vibration from the woofer/bass in the equipment.  

Even with these obstacles I have been able to work out efficiently, biceps, triceps, deltoids and forearms every other day. 

The results are evident. Definition is showing, two inches around my waist gone, stamina is far from my sixty of age.

Mind you I made no resolutions as most people say.  I made the decision and followed through.

In brief: handsome, healthy, horticultural wizard and humble, being all I can be. Did I miss anything?



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