Tuesday, November 29, 2011


INQUISITIVE gardeners observe what they do constantly to find out ways to distance themselves from the herd,  repetition, usual and expected possibilities regarding any installation too often determined by silly nursery offerings.

Some time ago, I noticed moss and lichens growing in one of the recycled bricks used  as ground cover in a mostly agave enclave in me north garden.  If you look at nature as I do,  contradictions are evident. Agaves and moss require conditions perceived as antagonist or opposites,  wet, humid, shade vs dry, light.

That is when I searched about moss requirements and started spraying twice a day to help its growth.  Moss, along zamias,ferns and a couple more are rather primitive in their origins. A project worthy of research. Agavaceas, on the other hand, did not require much care.  

During my constant peregrination through the blogosphere, I have never found a  similar situation.  For this reason, I declare it, unique, in any continent, until further notice/proof.

The same goes for this aerial garden.  It is a concrete roof, in the east side,  where leaves from  Pterocarpus and a Mahogany tree fall, accumulate, get wet, decompose  in rain water accumulated in the clogged drains and drying, creating  black gold, humus, with a bonus, earth worms.

It started with the Taro in the picture. I just threw it, some time ago without any after thought. Later, as I watched it growing,  I  noticed the  beauty of  the leaves. The angle of observation is unusual. A beauty from below, a kind one can never see from  any normal garden.  That is when I decided to help nature providing, asparagus, Chrysothemis and Pandanus.

The rest is history. The south garden, continues to evolve after the death of the Passiflora edulis, which by the way, took some time and effort to remove.  I learned in the process, that some vines fade away abruptly without any other reason than having completed their life cycle. 

This aerial installation, falls into the guerrilla gardening department technically, since it is not in out property boundaries. Seeds of Cosmos sulphureous, Merremia aegyptia and Clitoria ternatea, were also part of the procedures. I will keep you posted on this regard in the future. 

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, come to mind, however, your humble's servant will have to do: Cajanian Hanging Installation with time, until destroyed as usual.  Surely, until some debate regarding concepts hanging garden/green roof is determined and constituted.

that is that.
a pure gardening post to change the pace
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