Saturday, November 12, 2011


During  the last five years I have visited more blogs than I could remember, only 3 or 4 are worthy of merit, gardening wise.

I have never seen any articles on pruning, or mutilation and consequences, as if the practice is just digging and planting.

At any rate, disaster struck home in the first picture. Lucy's imported labor from the west island, machete yielding destroyed the grapevine, a cotton bush, and Albizia leaving all the cut matter on  top of the vegetation. I had to go pruners in hand to save a little of the rest. 

On the next photo, a mutilated Bauhinia hangs it there. The problem, as with the Bouganvillea following, is that once the scaffolding/architecture of any tree/bush is destroyed not even God can do anything. Destroying trees this way is known  as topping.

The new growth will develop in odd angles, all ways too long, bending eventually. You could spend the rest of your life literally  trying to keep it tidy. The solution  for most fools, make a topiary, ugly as hell and keep on trucking. 

The Pithellobium dulce on Fernandez Juncos Ave. is ACajan's territory, where I have planted quite a few things. Is the former San Carlos Hospital. Not much to add except that pedestrians will keep their eyes and skin safe.

The lemon tree is one of my favorites in the whole area. The owner a not so friendly fellow who bought recently the property was disconcerted when I offered to prune the underside for free. 

Gilberto, the resident owner of the first mentioned mutilated trees did not.  And was gracious the next day when I saw him.

When I do what I do I do not expect recognition or to fraternize with anyone, but showing some gratitude is stimulating, even if in a couple of months all work done is once again destroyed.

that is that

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  1. It's very frustrating to see people top their trees so that they can see the mountains.....A lot of people liontail here!! I do some necessary pruning, but with the larger trees, I always call on the professionals.


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