Wednesday, February 22, 2012


 TWO weeks ago I herd on Radio Nederlands, an interview with Mr. Rico Velasco and his truly revolutionary concept of solid rain.  Polymers are nothing new, the children of the Mayans were found to play with rubber balls in the 1500's*.   However this type, is, thank to its costs and lasting period, between 8/10 years.

Wondering why such cost efficient product, accessible,  already in production, sold and distributed in different third world countries, is  not in main stream news either printed, in tv networks or those  useless networks as Facebook, a Harvard degree is not necessary.

Imagine what is going on the minds of Monsanto with transgenic seeds and the monster construction companies into golf courses, commercial and residential pastures with lawns...with their costly, wasteful irrigation systems...A cost efficient water system or competition!

The conclusion is not good. This product will surely find plenty of obstacles and attacks, with a difficult time to find a niche among powerful countries with monopolies on this or that field of agriculture or ornamentals. 

On the other hand, those people/countries with cyclical drought seasons will have an option to cultivate on eroded and dry soil.

If you practice gardening or agriculture, check the information. It is useful and pragmatic. Here some links.

that is that

*History of Polymers


  1. Very interesting indeed. The ex had some sort of crystals and bottle she'd use with some of the plants but I never actually tested it. I will definitely study this further for commercial viability in large scale farming or desert restoration. I mean, once I can get a hold of the links on my laptop. For some reason (I guess the old explorer used by it) I cannot access them from the laptop and it's a pain to get them quickly from the cell phone. A similar problem happens from time to time with flash player files in youtube and the disqus comments system.

  2. My cousin in Caguas used to buy those you mention, in a hardware store for her indoor plants. However, I never payed much attention since I do not keep plants inside.

    Solid water, would be great for the many plants I keep in pots outside..We will have to wait until somejuan decides to see decides to import them.

    I rarely see any product that could be really helpful for most
    people into gardening or agriculture. These were not created
    with profits solely in mind. That is the other rarity.

    You could listen to the interview in Radio Nederland, it is interesting to listen to Rico Velasco, explain the whole in his own words.


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