Thursday, February 2, 2012


THE global warming covers the horticultural essence of this blog, the other two are related as you will see.

First let the record show and wonder, it seems that monotheist religions are guilty, responsible for the overpopulation in too many countries.  No abortion, no birth control, no adultery and so on.

Six decades ago days sex was not promoted, or used to promote every imaginable merchandise bluntly as in those music videos now, in which every female vocalist no matter how old,
must look like a prostitute or dance like a strip joint worker, with scant clothing.  Forty years ago, when I was in college, what pass as entertainment now, would have been  porno or obscene at least.

Lets not confuse sex over here and over there, the not the first world.  In those necks of the woods, it seems the family, following the herd, religion, peer pressure force people to do things that may not be the only option in other cultures.  Like having the baby or getting married or both.  That on the other hand may also be the rule over here, (Puerto Rico is not in the first world, by the way).

In brief, marriage, morals, fidelity do not seem to be the best or only option. After all what better example to follow than Nature. Some species are faithful to each other for life, others are not.  No one tells either one what is morally right. However, that sex is for procreation only.

Capitalism, property and marriage seem to be interconnected historically. Women as property. Merchandise. One type of merchandise is for the exclusive use of the husband, while prostitutes are for the willing customer.  Tiger Woods, the village idiot, spent thousands of dollars on call girls. 

That example will do, ( remember is my way or the highway), for argument sake. Its seems that having sex with just one partner only becomes as fun as eggs without salt. Adultery, clandestine sex being the answer.  Historically, the damn bible has plenty of it.  

The only way to stop the destruction of the earth is to stop the children madness,  to either,  have no sex or abstinence...Carnal exchanges for exercise, fun, relaxation with protection for men/women or  the self gratifying kind.

Those countries with famine, result of droughts, what is their density of population?  Where are they?  Who is going to feed them?

It seems that by 2050,  2 more billion of creatures will be around. I hope to be dead, before, believe me.

Zero growth population must become a other way josei....

What about the drugs in the tittle?

Thanks for reminding moi....Drugs just like sex are totally over rated.  When I was younger, smoking a spliff, some alcohol, was part of the scene..Then it was amphetamines, acid, coke/heroine (snort only in me case), hash and downers, mostly while a freedom fighter in Deutshland.

There was plenty of sex, during the ladies man period/era.
Many women of different backgrounds, color, size, pedigree and education...Looking in was some how fun, because it was clandestine.  But one gets tire of telling one selfish fool she is the only one on Friday, while spending the night next day with another and repeating the move on Sunday.  Not to get into the intense emptiness the day after.

The salvation is HORTICULTURE.  Or like Kasketron, a  a follower of Woody Allen wise words: 'Masturbation is the best sex, because is sex with the one I love'.

I suggest that if any juan out there is going to talk/write about self sustainable agriculture, environmental protection or ecology, pretty please with sugar on top, do not bring the bullshit argument, always out of context, about producing what one consumes. Or the inequality of the distribution of wealth....without a quick glimpse to that.

It looks more and more that the globe is shrinking, while the  non stop fornicators propagating expand by the minute, destroying the environment as collateral.

If you feel a certain deja vu...yep you are right. But as Gide said: Everything has been said/written, but since people do not pay attention, it has to be repeated.

that is that

the biggest jerks I have known about
these issues

these fools have in total about
18 children,
most out of wedlock
in Puerto Rico, USA


  1. Hi Antigonum; well, well that was quite a bit to swallow; but you are so right! I like the bit about Tiger Woods, nicely explains his IQ and for most of those from a place called Hollywood! Beauty fades dumb for ever.
    ...and not even repetition helps. T♥

  2. hit the nail on di top.


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