Sunday, February 5, 2012


ONE of the great pleasures with this space through the years, is the occasional interview that no one dares to do 
or even imagine.

It has been a long while since you were interviewed, could you share your thoughts, words of wisdom,  with your  mostly fans and one foe?

Let the record show, (signature pet phrase) that some friends went away
after that post on comments. 
The meaning these have for a jerk blogger islander in the west of PR.
Them comments feed him, (the god)  and his blog, always with some photo op of himself, alone or with the celebrity of the moment. 

So what?

I think people reading this blog understand me garden is not like your garden next door,
 the environmental situation, the concrete/asphalt
context, the noise, I deal 24/7 with the apparent
abrasiveness, bluntness, harshness, directness, no prisoners taken attitude inherent in the discourse.. 

Moving along. Do you have any fresh news besides
your grouchy, grimace, difficult to come by smile?


YEP.  Somewhat positive.  It seems some lady in England (Bella Darcy), will publish that review of my garden shared recently from Spain with the public, in one hand.  On the other, I got in touch with some architect whose profile appeared recently on a local newspaper.  There is a possibility of doing something together.

That is strange, considering your target practice trajectory with architects and landscape architects without exceptions in Puerto Rico and some foreigners included.


Anything, on the surface may appear strange to anyjuan. But no juan can write/say, your humble servant is blind,
or has no vision.  This architect in particular, works with the community, goes against the current that alone is fine
to me eyes.  Time will tell if something materializes in both positive instances mentioned or become water and salt, the rule, custom and use here, from my acidic perspective.

Do you continue the old habit of visiting gardening
and related blogs to find cracks in their theoretical
frames, views and such?


Not as I used to.  To get information and learn something
I visit one here in Bayamon, and USA, Albuquerque, Tucson, Australia and Mexico.  I also visit some meaningless ones here, to stay in touch with our mass news fed reality.

I get worn out easily. Let me share this experience.
Even when I take photos, I do not consider myself a photographer, or movie director when doing video clips.

The objective, in a photo, is not what matters, but
how cool the effect, the photo itself comes along. I
do not give a flying fart, for pretty photos. I am writing about a garden, any garden or vegetation.

My garden, I have noticed, looks crisper, better in a sense, in photos
than when I stroll, monitor for insects, sweep, trim,  or irrigate. It has better resolution, it looks artificial, unreal. To my eyes.

Is that why you are reluctant to 
just show photos of flowers out
of context as in a vase?


Exactly, please show me your garden, not just
silly, bit and pieces.

That is easy for you to say/write, after all 
you garden in 350 square meters of sand surrounded mostly by concrete.  What about big gardens?

I am getting tired.  If you have a big garden, take some
segments of it, take them photos a let us know what is going on. That will suffice.


Could you ask one or two final questions. I am getting tired, the third time mentioned, you are not getting the hint.


What the hell, is your blog...Tell us about the tittle and that lady in England...


During this time I have been interested in gardening concepts and definitions, lately more. I have not much to add about weeds, but here is a new concept:
I will not demand copy rights to the definition, but these
are self seeding plants from our collection or not,
in our property, pavement or wall cracks/crevices  or any other possibility not expected to have plants growing. Squatters 11, 111 grow in the concrete pavement of our east garden. 1 Grows next door in our fence frontier, exactly in the corner.  Goes without saying, these squatters exist because they do not bother me at all, at least now.  But that is weed behavior in any league, to most people.

The British lady, Bella Darcy is dangerously running out
of time to deliver...the water and salt, closer.


In the British blog mentioned, there is an interview
to some lady photographer about light
and shade, hour of the day and such. 
You be the judge...I imagine having
a pro camera will make any  difference
between 8, 12 and 4 PM when mine were taken,
more evident/clear than my results.



  1. I like the faux dialogue, especially since that is what it would be with many in the horticultural world! (if they gave time to those outside their little pond) It seems obvious to discern between those who blindly do what's popular vs. those who are inspired to do what they are passionate about to make places great.

  2. You said it. Making a place
    great considering composition with as little maintenance as possible, or better no maintenance in the long run.

    One of the great lessons in checking blogs about desert like landscapes design/composition, is that making a selection just on appearance, will cost dearly
    without the water,wind,heat,cold and
    altitude variables.

  3. Antigonum, this is part of a speech by Ernesto Che Guevra, dec. 1964 19th G.A. of UN in NY.
    The United States for many years has tried to convert Puerto Rico into a model of hybrid culture: the Spanish language with English inflections, the Spanish language with hinges on its backbone — the better to bow down before the Yankee soldier. Puerto Rican soldiers have been used as cannon fodder in imperialist wars, as in Korea, and have even been made to fire at their own brothers, as in the massacre perpetrated by the U.S. Army a few months ago against the unarmed people of Panama — one of the most recent crimes carried out by Yankee imperialism. And yet, despite this assault on their will and their historical destiny, the people of Puerto Rico have preserved their culture, their Latin character, their national feelings, which in themselves give proof of the implacable desire for independence lying within the masses on that Latin American island. We must also warn that the principle of peaceful coexistence does not encompass the right to mock the will of the peoples, as is happening in the case of so-called British Guiana. There the government of Prime Minister Cheddi Jagan has been the victim of every kind of pressure and maneuver, and independence has been delayed to gain time to find ways to flout the people's will and guarantee the docility of a new government....etc

    Source Information clearing house.

    Antigonum, I know this has nothing to to with plants and Nature, but there are fundamental rights of people, while pundits, banksters and gangsters still rule the countries.

    The masses, here in Australia we call them "Bogans" just don't get it, they suffer and they still don't get it!!

    Nothing has changed it is even worse today!!

  4. Titania, I do not know what above or/if, motivated your comments, but I can not dissent or put it better.

    About Che Guevara, I had the first edition of his diaries in Bolivia, published by a magazine, Ramparts, in the 70's, during my exile in Northampton, USA.

    That name, Cheddi Jagan rings a bell. I heard it decades ago...In Jamaica, another Jagan was prominent during Bob Marley's futile attempt to stop democratic violence in Jamaica.

    What you have written is not only true, but It triggers thoughts like all the crap said/written about communism vs capitalist democracies, all those killed, tortured,jailed, exiled, maimed, to get where we are now.

    Bankers and countries ripping off those creating the wealth (1% in USA), throwing it away through fraud,avarice, stupidity and making them PAY, as in Greece, Italy, Spain and the rest in the club.

    I will add that it may not seem related to plants and nature, buy all the scheme is, since part of the rip off is always related.

    Highways, housing, oil, coal, diamonds, soy, palm oil, implies money, investment and destruction or our environment the far away ones...and the close by near home.

    But the worst, is that you in Australia the biggest isle and I over here in one, 100 by 35, perceive our realities in very similar ways... I will add, in my case, without hope, or possibility
    of improvement.

    Thanks to both, for dropping by....

  5. Antigonum, thank you for responding in this positive way. It was sort of a spur of the moment as I was reading about that speech of Che G. and Puertorico and I was thinking about the farce of our "democratic money way" of choosing a "new chief"!!

  6. Well, that is the way often times conversation flows, without apparent, connection, on the surface. You are welcome...until then..


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