Friday, September 7, 2012


I FOUND  the news  regarding the television transmission of bull fights again, after a six year hiatus in Spain, very odd.  When RTV.ES decided not to continue what had been a tradition, the forces against animal abuse were enchanted, not so those making profits with the 'culture'  folklorism and tradition.  Why now, some may wonder?  I see no other reason than helping that segment of the economy creating direct and indirect jobs in a country moving along the path Greece and others countries before.

There are other festivities abusing animals to a lesser extent like San Fermin or one I never knew until recently in Spain.  A bull is tied to a pole to allow everyjuan to stick all kind of sharp objects until ithe creature is killed.  San Fermin creates tons of money, profits for internal/foreign  tourism and the service industry.  The second festivity should be only for nationals with the stomach to participate and enjoy such brutality, in the name of tradition and culture.  The Catalonians were the first to prohibit such activity.  But the implications were clear, these guys are not very patriotic, after all they speak and write their own language.

What can be written, not mentioned before, during the hunting ban of whales for such a long time?  Well, there is a tv show 'Whale Wars' or something like that.  Some mentally disturbed fellows dedicate their time, energy, effort to persecute whale hunters in the ocean to harass, making difficult the kill for these whale killers with a scientific mission for research.

But I have never heard anything about how plastic, chemicals, fecal matter in every ocean affect the possibilities of survivals of whales and most important, what they eat.  It is a very foolish game with good mentally disturbed people and the bad guys from Japan or Sweden can remember  if one/the other or both.

Turtles are another favorite annointed species requiring lots of tv shows telling us how they migrate from this point to the other to lay their eggs, always in the same spot. Or how the luminary contamination disturbs their sense of orientation. 

Swamp People has to be the most absurd animal related tv show.
The toothless, often, with speech impediment males/ females stars,
spend their time to shooting alligators with rifles.  All presented crudely and naturally.

There are other brutal sports, not involving animals. Boxing and American football.  One can leave you like Muhammed Ali/Myke Tyson in the first case or or quadra/paraplegic or with dementia for entertainment, money and profit.

Making money is all that matters.  What I would like to see is, people (mentally disturbed or not) acting against building and highway developers as they do in Whale Wars.

that is that 

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