Sunday, September 23, 2012


WHEN I commented to me wife the public  reaction in USA, regarding the 47  percent statement made by republican candidate Romney, she simply responded, 'It is true'.  Yours truly agrees.  In Manhattan, for example a huge segment of black people work in public transportation, Subway, buses you name it.  It is as if they own that little farm. Parents, children, grand, children greatest goal in life is a job here or there with  credentials and qualifications seeming irrelevant.  It is owed to them.

The white devil has kept them oppressed for centuries and there is not much left to grasp. I wonder what they do know that the government is slashing  spending in every imaginable public service.

Other colored and pale migrants have similar views on entitlement. They perceive themselves as victims not of the capital the real evil, but the white devil.

Moving away from that war lover//monger country, them Islamists barbarians have demonstrated once again their proneness to kill and maim, at the most insignificant excuse.
Cartoons do not kill.  Videos making fun of their religion do not kill.  In the west anything is mockable.

By the same token, they should remain in their own countries  and forget about migrating to the west to impose their silly views on what a religion is/should be. Europe was correct when  various countries with guts, stopped the Islamist desire to impose their irrational behavior as with  rags to hide face/hair in public or construction of mesquites.


In the south garden the second pumpkin is gone, the third, getting there. For the last couple of weeks I have noticed a significant amount of butterflies, rather unusual, hanging in the south side, while in the north the amount of bees is now around ten, from four.

The temperatures have been high, with very little rain or none. The amount of time irrigating has increased, not so much fun if you ask me. 

that is that  


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