Tuesday, September 4, 2012


MOONS ago I decided to start a blog. However, none of the 'trends' I have set,  the concepts I have coined, the insults, love, humility and 'wisdom' I have spread  and shared would have been possible without the help of the following people.

These two young women, sisters and nieces had the kindness to educate yours truly in everything that anyjuan who wish to have a blog needs to know in terms of this or that technically.
I was able to become the number one film auter, displacing Jacobo Morales, who now bites the dust, thanks to Maria Cristina, in youtube. There are over 140 video clips from your humble servant in those prairies denouncing all kinds of maladies making our urban concrete/asphalt existence miserable.
Some time in betweenies, I arrived to flickr, where at least ten of my photos are legend material, not  in the Avedon or Adams league but
getting there.

A weirdo from Trujillo Alto, I'm Reavel, was also significant during that early period, giving me advice in the photo/settings department.  The first person who ever left a comment, meaningful or not, in any of my blogs, Amilcar Garcia Tirado, from Savarona, in the country of Caguas. This gentleman is a lover of Dominican women in my former original barrio now occupied by the invaders.  

As time went by, the plant collection kept growing thank to the following relatives and friends, not in any particular order:
Gladys Munhiz with plants and  relevant  feedback for the installation.  She is the intellectual author of the north garden pavement design and color scheme.
Rengui my inlaw who has donated over twenty different plants,
Suncha her sister, tio Joveliano for propagating a couple of Brugmansias,
Nydia from Caimito City,
Donha Mary accross the street, donated by request,  that strange cactus
with identity crisis, grasping the wall as if some Hedera helix or Ficus, featured recently in caribbeanbotanicalreview.
Tito Collazo  and Don Miguel Yamin, my biggest fan, octogenarian and former jewelry store proprietor,
Myrta, the domestic assistant for Lucy Laborde, aka Blondie. 

Other people mostly, in this virtual world are also responsible for 
the existence of the many blogs past and present:
Fellow blogger friends and foes in the five continents who have
kept their own garden installations and pertinent views about the practice  you know who you are.  Friends in FB have also collaborated with feedback as those in Punto Hispano.

Visitors, commentators and those who have taken the first and fifth t amendment remaining silent. Those who keep aimless, ugly and polluting gardens are also part of the family, Bless thy heart! The Lord will forgive them.


Gardening is my vocation. One of my goals is to
remain the most humble there is.     


Not all is peaches and 
cream lets not forget
the enemies of our 
environment, culprits
and accomlices 


 Albertso Areces Mallea, Gabriela Ocampo, Luis Munhoz Marin Foundation, 007 Recursos Naturales, Parques Nacionales and Fideicomiso de Conservacion, all without exception are useles, ignorant fools.  More recently Universidad Sagrado Corazon and the riff raff next door, both are pond scum, noisy, polluting pain in the ass.



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