Friday, July 23, 2010


IT has rained.  May, June and now July,
have been more wet than in the past.  I am writing about years ago.  I avoid going out.  Except to walk out the dog and check the damage and monitor for insects/pests.

Murraya paniculata, Hibiscus canabinus, Cosmos sulpherous, Malpighia glabra, Dracaena marginata, and Polyscia fruticosa, ALL, bend with the weight, a pain in the ass.

Snails and slugs continue the party, since all is perfect to hang out. The head count for the last forty eight hours: 20 and one of the latter.  I remind you that if you reduce the beer one ounce to one ounce of water it will work as mentioned

The Myosotis, both, are doing fine. Beans and a new smaller type of Cucurbita have been planted.  I decided that even if they look ODD in me garden, aesthetics aside, the flower of the pumpkin is cool, attractive and  could be  added it to your salads.

Be careful where you plant the beans if  your garden is in a similar context as your humble servant.  I had to climb to the roof to cut the vines of one...A somewhat difficult shore for a third age person.

Constant rain bring along other issues and difficulties, apparently hidden under the carpet. Puercorico, USA, a concrete/asphalt platform of hostile and indifferent people,  is prone,(thanks to  use and custom bribes, selling of permits) to mediocre, cheap, improvised construction of both: houses/roads.

Just read in the local press, a few days ago, the incredible amount of new/recently built new housing projects in all cardinal points,  in which houses are either sinking, cracked, with many leaks on walls and roofs or falling apart.

Landslides are increasing thanks to the 
environmental criminals Housing and Highway developers.

Floods, consequence of unkempt rivers and streams with all kind of debris, clogged drains that are not cleaned, craters, puddles in every imaginable concrete/asphalt road.

In Puercorico, MAINTENANCE, is not in the vocabulary of any of the above jerks responsible for the safety of the population.  A daily nightmare if you walk or drive. 

To get a comparable glimpse, check the Buena Vista, video in a previous post.  Excellent music, with many roads in la Habana clones of what Puercorico shows in EVERY surface you step on.

Which makes one ruminate about the point of driving a Mercedes, Lotus, BMW or Porsche or Lotus on surfaces more appropriate for ugly, 4X4 vehicles driven at twenty miles maximum, in the concrete/asphalt with millions of puddles island.

To end in a positive note..A new adquisition is coming along, Jasminun laurifolium. As most of the collection, it has a story.  It came from a bush right by the Carnegie Lybrary in San Juan.  

This library, Puercorico is known for not having libraries, is huge for island standards. However, you can tell from the street, that ceilings are falling apart. Termites and pieces of it missing.  The whole metro zone, seems to fall apart, minute after minute.  The land of the enchantment they used to call this hell on concrete. That is that...apaga i vamonos.

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  1. I wish you more sunshine during this rainy season. This week I am putting your blog link on my sidebar. Thank you for following my blog.


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