Monday, December 5, 2011


WATCHING the before game security preparations in Madrid, between the two dominant wealthy futbol tribes of that Peninsula, I became  overwhelmed at the noise, alcohol infusion, hate, chaos, war, battle within  the game atmosphere. It is scary and educative.

One silly part of the liturgy, not understood at all, is the stupid action of carrying children by the hand to the midfield for ritual ceremonies that are pretty feudal if you ask me. 
Why are children exposed to that  atmosphere?

Later on a documentary about the developments during the last twenty years in  the former Soviet Union, the absurd, absolute corruption in that country between the dominant and dominated classes, all, in the frame of democracy and elections. 

Which brings your humble servant to this...What is the point of developing motor vehicles with the most sophisticated non polluting technology, if  every other big city in the world, has an amount of vehicles so great that traffic jams, in some, are permanent? 

 What is the point, if traveling twenty miles requires two hours in a jam at five/ten miles an hour?  One will be stuck, burning non fossil fuel of whatever kind available.

The fanaticism and violence, shown in sport is not much different from  media reports regarding Muslims, Hebrews, Christians and Hindus show too often.

Governments killing those revolting for their 'freedom' of choice. Or the lack of jobs, opportunities and typical 'better future'.

Down here, the quality of life eroded quickly during the last sixty years. Some keep complaining and speculating about the over 300,000 who said the hell with this, and migrated in the last decade.

I do not. I hope at least 2 million decide likewise and get the hell out of here. That means a million cars would be off the roads, less noise, crowds and traffic jams.

The other constant whining is that most of the 300, 000 are college graduates.  Who cares if they are fully illiterate or Rhode scholars? There are no jobs or any lottery like 'better future'.

It is time to go.  My perception indicates that the population growth has reached chaotic levels.  The examples above are clear.  No economy anywhere will be able to absorb, provide for so many being borne, so many reaching the third age. 

The time has come for ZERO population growth. Some will stick to their ideological trenches...the problem according to them is that wealth is not distributed fairly.  

In that case, just think of the reluctance from the ONE% in USA, to increase the amount of money employers should pay the state to provide social security benefits.

Start praying if you are among those bible freaks, living this life, thinking of the after one, unwilling to Peter Tosh wisely mentioned in one of his tunes.

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