Saturday, April 28, 2012


TO the good observer  it is stimulant to see, how nature responds to abuse and destruction by men and women in me concrete, asphalt neck of the woods.  It always comes back.

After the third raid of destruction of all vegetation in the San Carlos, --the custom here when 'cleaning' public or private spaces--, most gardeners would feel a little depressed, frustrated and resigned.

Not I.  In the beginning, I used to fall into it. As time goes by, I know better.  To be effective, this mass destruction has to be careful, not the customary sweeping under the carpet, half assed,  permeating this culture in every ---cliche time--way, form and fashion.  If you leave piles of organic matter  as the one in the photo,  weeds will return with all kinds of self seeding plants and cut stems.

The  unexpected in this example is the Pereskia bleo, in the corner with black smoke on the wall. It was mutilated to the ground level, plus burned by junkies in search of copper from electrical wires.

Both, the one hatched/ burned and the other, in the pile of organic matter are sure signs of hope. Nature needs very little from us to remain, to return.  At least in this little place I call my own alternative garden in the abandoned, former San Carlos hospital. 

That is that. 

if interested check the 
four available video clips about
this space during the last 2 years
i have been at it.

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