Friday, April 13, 2012


Yesterday was a sad day. The evening joy gone. Radio Nederlands was not on the air, instead some architect full of theoretical frames was on with that silly pattern of question and answers in a row without any originality.

But his ways with the language were out of the ordinary forcing me to listen for ten minutes. His views about our subway or elevated train, the individualism, selfishness promoted by typical housing projects with controlled access, made me think about my  own views.

Later that day, I found a fat lady's blog dealing with bariatrics, a subject I consider myself an expert, humbly that is. She complains about skinny/slim staff working in medical offices for the morbid obese.  I infer it will be more appropriate, politically correct to hire fat,,  low stamina and difficulty to move around staff, so she and others can feel some solidarity, and as the saying goes: Misery loves companion. 

She complains,(I know you know the difference between what I do and complaining) about that perception most people have aesthetically about the morbid obese.  She is right, they are ugly. Uncomfortable to watch while window shopping at Plaza. That walk penguin like swagger trying to balance the heavy fat. 

Next she follows with breakfast,  her transparent turkey slice, light orange juice and whatever, as if she is suffering tremendously with her condition and WE, the readers, should feel some pity, just like to a shotgun beggar. Disgusting.

I left some useful recommendations in the comments department.  The morbid obese, alcoholics, smokers, junkies, bulimics, anorexics, ALL, find ways to justify their habits. I her case, exercise, eating smaller portions are not mentioned. I bet dollar to dounughts, have not even crossed her mind.  Walking cost nothing, you do not have to join a gym like LIVfitness to go deaf in the process. Go walk some miles beach!

I know from my sources that people who have been operated in Puerto Rico, do not exercise.  Only one out of 30 in a recent get together of former morbid obese bothers to exercise every other day, keeping the measured food intake Swiss watch like. Five four ounces portions a day, plus vitamins to complement.

All the above mentioned, talked about  plastic and reconstruction surgery as the panacea after the bariatric operation to get rid of the extra skin hanging here and there, as if muscle tone is something irrelevant.

This is evidence of a lack of compromise with the self, all solutions should arrive with little effort, a pill, surgery for this or that, exercise?
Discipline?  Never.

And the lonely architect?  Well if you weight both stories this one is feather like, since there are more and more morbids daily walking around.

Many people, like this architect and others, talk, preach about changing society's ways and customs through education.  Your humble servant trained to be a teacher with the license and all declares is a bunch of crap to pretend.  

Just one example. Teaching children sustainable agriculture  in the field with imaginative ways, protecting flora and fauna  is useless since only adults destroy our surroundings as individuals. Or anyjuan thinks we should wait that generation to do something in the next two decades to see a change?

The greatest damage through logging, mining, highway/road, housing construction is done by private/public sectors motivated by profits. Therefore, the education,  should not focus only on teaching how to make the little hole for the seed or the give away trees that feeble minded institutions here, Fideicomiso de Conservacion, is accustomed to do.

Remember: Only you can prevent forest fires, one.
It is not over until the morbid obese lady sings, two.
The new politically correct language manner  to share
the idea.
Baseballs are round coming in square boxes, 3.

that is that


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