Monday, April 2, 2012


NEVER  mind if the tittle appears a little pompous.  I bet dollars to doughnuts that maintenance, plant selection for hedges in the Anglo/Galic/Spanish  Caribbean, is chaotic and rare, very rare. Swiss watch precision cuts do not exist, nor does correct plant selection. Anything goes, creating amazing, creative headaches.

If you have never given a thought to hedges, what they are for, which plants/bushes are the best, tools, maintenance requirements, you may skip it.

On the other hand if you are a pragmatic gardener, always looking for ways to work less and enjoy more your installation/collection, take a look at this photos between Rio Piedras and Santurce.

The order is as follows: University of Puerto Rico, Auxilio Mutuo Hospital, Polytechnic University, some office buildings and lastly BK.

I am not going deep into what a hedge should be, since here, the photos show everything hedges should not be from my view and or treatises on  the subject. Check this out, in terms of plant selection or placement, the most stupid, hazardous hedges anyone could plant, are those in highway/road medians since they both require closing lanes to vehicle traffic, placing workers at risk unnecessarily, plus resulting traffic jams.

That is one, another is planting anything with thorns, sharp edges, blocking the view/path as stupid Gingers, Heliconias and else, custom
use down here. 

Finally,  hotels, funeral homes, private residences and public/private facilities have been left out...But take my word for it...There is no difference, it is always the same. 

I thank David, landscape architect/meteorologist 
for the inspiration, up there in Albuquerque. Below his take on the  subject.

and one from

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  1. Thanks for the mention. What you show is common where I am, just different plants. Ours pruned to shade the bottom, so it all dies. Then the sheeple go out, put in more silverberry, etc in a 3' space, and de ja vu!

    I'll check out the India post next.


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