Friday, June 22, 2012


FOR  the last few days I have been moving into other prairies with certain curiosity. There is this EWA*, with a rare blog, impressive photography and all types of gardening practices in Europe.

She belongs to a  VIP gardening group of best 50.  I have been checking out the scene to see what is the deal.
It is not complicated, most of them blogs have over 500,000 visitors, written in English and originate in template/cold climates.

So long for my chances to belong!  Nevertheless the humble critic has discovered not all is peaches and cream among the chosen ones.

Just one example. There is somejuan with palm tree infatuation syndrome.  Well, he has a perfectly fine space with vegetation of all kinds and apparently a great deal of  shade. 

He decides to plant them palms and  below some yucas or agavaceas in the border, ruining the whole smooth flow of the composition!  I believe  when planting these 3 kinds of vegetation, a wise gardener should consider their natural habitats in any possible context and climate. How, where they grow. With such a simple forethought,  ruining any installation thinking you are being  cool, original, following trends or being cute will be avoided.

The light post trunk in most palms, texture, huge size, astronomical seeds and form of  leaves, clash with everything else in the composition. It is unbelievable how so many gardeners of  the aimless persuasion without any training/skills and the rest, from whom one would expect or demand a little sophistication, fall for it.

Another example is  the odd ways to make statements of the garden rant breed claque.  One lady gardener planted a tomato right centered in her postage stamp sized lawn.

The photos at left show a garden, recently installed by two foreigners across our residence, It is about 15' square if that..Their gardener, one of those blow and cut types, so popular in the USA, just from a different ethnic enclave, spent 8 hours  under the sun.

Digging and planting under the foreign deaf and apparently with arthritis, lady supervision. All the vegetation is planted in rows like a tomato, potato, lettuce edible garden.

Everything without the minimal common sense. The plants will grow, making the walking through impossible. Such is life.  Here, there and everywhere judging  from my constant virtual visits to other latitudes.

On top of that, forget the aesthetics, I do not care anymore if a garden stinks of not.  The water waste to keep all this crap alive, with a hose twice a day.

Common sense is over rated. How would you explain building suburbs, creating spaces in which most jerks/jerkettes can not do anything without driving?

Hybrid automobiles to stay in a traffic jam, using the electricity from the batteries?  Not moving, or moving ten miles an hour as in California?

Nuclear reactors? Providing clean energy with radioactive waste lasting hundreds, thousands of years and requiring burial in 'safe' underground storage facilities? 

That is that. I am worn out.



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  1. Claro que esta agotado con tanto trabajo, y quedo muy bien, esperamos la próxima aventura.

    Saludos aventurero del caribe


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