Saturday, June 2, 2012


IN SPANISH you only need one word to express the tittle: al reves, or as some children prefer al verres.

The world presented in the news media BBC or RTVE is clear evidence of this post tittle.  Honesty is no longer the best policy. Embezzlement is.

Puerto Rico has become a stand up comedy sketch/situation where politicians, bankers, lawyers, analysts, stock brokers, academicians continue speaking, acting as if reality the collapse of the economy, bankruptcy of  morals, state, family, law, church and law does not matter or one could live without it. One should live pretending, looking the other way.

FB is a  good example of  average men/women perceptions and understanding of the paragraph above. Not one little bit of the whole or a part. Their lives aiming for drinking/eating and sharing enlightening  quotes from any source, matching  their daily moods, simple personalities, for us, friends or not.

One hundred years ago Rex Vicat Cole, expressed it  much better in The Artistic Anatomy of Trees, page 18.

Landscape painting is, I fancy, but little understood even amongst the educated.  It does not surprise one that the yokel should eye a painting as a coloured topographical inventory of his countryside and praise the performance in proportion as room is found for every well-known object, each exactly where it should be.  I know a farmer much perplexed because a painting of his farm was sold for a larger sum of money than the farm itself soon after realised, and this though the pond, old sheds, and the very ducks themselves were included.  He wonders yet at the stupidity of the picture-buyer, who, by a less expenditure, could have sat by the real pond and gazed daily at his farm.

Much the same attitude is assumed by the better educated when they ask, "How do you find such a beautiful place and was it exactly like that?"  You must say it was identical, blade for blade and leaf for leaf, or your reputation as an honest man is lost.

The moral of the story?  Some colleagues in the blogosphere-- not necessarily in the horticultural  practice-- think they are out of reach from this miserable times, untouchable and unsinkable. God bless their hearts.

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