Thursday, June 14, 2012


THE archbishop Plumeria, in the north side garden,  has been featured before. Me wife was commenting how good it was looking and its possible relocation was discussed yesterday. 

This post is about the whole process.  It took five hours with an intermission.  The tools are there, except the gloves.  There are many gardeners of all persuasions, some are excellent, good and meaningless.

However, not many break concrete pavements to plant anything. In my case, it started thirty years ago in our mostly concrete back yard in Savarona, before the foreign occupation, in the Caguas Country. 

During our four years here, I have dug five holes in the north where most vines are. Three in  the east, plus the same procedure for 3 French drains in the south pavement.

A third of the hole was filled with the compost I collect daily. The sand left will be recycled for future projects. 

That is that.


  1. I love the frangipanes, so easy to grow and so much reward. It looks like a lot of work to get through the concrete. The Plumeria will have a fine place to spread its roots and will give you lots of pleasure, scent and visual. You have got a nice garden and I hope Lalo does not to much damage in his puppy exuberance. Best wishes T.

    1. You are right. The concrete was 8" in some areas, the most difficult in years. But it was worth it. Lalo so far has damaged plants not difficult to replace.

      Those in darger I have relocated...until then...
      Thanks for the visit, and good luck in your projects.

  2. We broke concrete to plant a fig on the south side of a retaining wall along a sidewalk. How I wish we could grow something as fragrant as plumeria instead!

  3. I had a fig for a short while..I like their size, fruit, but it passed away...On the concrete side, I am glad to know others plant in spaces most people will not.

    Soil covered by pavement for years, is not sterile.

    The white Plumeria is the most fragrant, the yellow is next with a peach scent...Thanks for the visit.


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