Monday, June 4, 2012


WHEN Diva passed away more than a decade of experiences  in the garden became only memories, some dustier, happier than others.

We both were in the same age bracket and moved, acted accordingly.  She was a trained, educated dog using the water closet as needed.  Often, when there was an urge to play, she would grab one of her favorite toys running up and down the hall, flapping, letting it fall grabbing it again...or would bring it to our knees as the signal to play.

Diva used to play outdoor with anything that moves, pigeons, birds, lizards, flies, beetles, running behind every stray cat surprised on the premises, trampling once in a while plants in specific locations, mostly corners.

LALO is everything DIVA was not, in pertinent issues. However, one and the other expressed affection, joy, gratitude and loyalty constantly. 

But here is the problem. LALO was a stray dog,  Fortunately he poops and piss in the concrete, same area Diva used to in the sand corner, perhaps by watching, learning from her. But let me tell you if is solid is not a problem to clean after him, when is not. things change. Piss on concrete not only smells but looks gluey...

When those agencies doing good deeds inviting the public  to adopt pets, forget to mention this simple issues, it most be a pain in  the arse for the gullible, to discover it, no matter how much love, good is in your heart.

All the above does not matter if you are a pig  as our next door dog killers or a dysfunctional matrimony I know with a dog pissing and pooping inside their almost trailer concrete house 24/7. Or another one with a dog who never visits the vet, no matter what, to save money.

But it really matters, if you have a plant collection, some more valuable, very difficult to find than others.  If you get them from a nursery, you have nothing to worry, there are thousands of the same.

I just had to relocate five plants in a corner since our new companion stands in two legs to bark and scare the stray cats next door, trampling all on his path.

The problem is somewhat annoying, being a young dog, the energy displayed is intense.  Lizards are no longer safe in our garden, no matter where they are, Lalo will jump on the friendly guys scaring, and I have no doubt, killing them without  intention.

The moral of the story?  Lalo is now healthy, clean,
funny and somewhat a menace for flora and fauna in the garden.  I have made adjustments to deal with the new situation  day by day.

But think carefully before adopting a dog if you have a garden, unless you have money, time, energy, commitment and good will. 

Pets and gardens have the same needs: time, water, food, care, affection, dedication and lots of patience.


  1. Definitivo son bebés, pero poco a poco pueden aprender. Lo mejor es el cariño que usted refleja hacia lalo.


  2. Si, sabiendo sus cuestion de practicar la paciencia, conociendo sus travesuras...sera relocalizar las plantas que peligren, si no son faciles de encontrar...Hasta la proxima.

  3. I think with time, patience and some training she will adapt better and know what is allowed and what not. Young dogs are full of beans and think everything is there for them to play. Especially now as she has got a nice, secure home with loving
    "parents". ( The sink above the toilet looks funny, but I guess it was the only space available.)

    1. You are right...Diva, during her early days did a few of her own...

      I know that corner since I was in third grade, when we moved to the now foreign occupied Savarona. That is why I took the photo, I never saw, or will see a sink on top of a the way, such a clean toilet in a public place, is a needle in a hay stack.


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