Tuesday, October 23, 2012


ONCE  upon a time, I was a fanatic about botanical names, believing anyjuan in this field should manage with gracious understanding them terms, nomenclature. It  is/it was not the case. Now and then, except for maybe 5 out of 10,  I do not care anymore.  Aesthetics, another pet symbol in my view, lost all importance, recently.  What does it matter to have the money, the airs, to have one of those manicured, perfect,  typical gardens shown in the Gallopinggardener.blogspot, if he/she or the owners can not inform humble peers as yours truly, the benefits to surrounding flora/fauna, pollinators, birds and such...besides  the Uh/Ah, how beautiful, syndrome predominant in those pastures?

I decided to move further, into another radical plane. Context, as in soil.  It seems that soil does not exist, or insects, or diseases in  9 out of  the 10 blogs about gardening I visited until recently.  I am sick of it. I should travel under my OWN conditions. Here or there somejuan, with a little vision may catch on.

How often do you find a decent article, besides personal silly tricks, on the subject?

But that has been discussed before. Today I am just going to introduce to the people, you people, four new plants inductees in the collection.

One is used for roasting, soups and such, propagated with rooting hormones. A pain in the arse here in Santurce to keep. Another is the essence of that Cuban cocktail, Mojito,  in addition, an orchid and  last,  most rare of all a plant with an unique name, since it is not connected to chickens, eggplant.

I have never seen photos of eggplants in any blogs during my early, previous, curious travels around the blogosphere,  to see what others had to show, except maybe, once in   lavidaenmipatio.blogspot.com.  Most of the time is lettuce, tomato, cucumber and plenty of  pumpkins in Halloween.  If does not matter if it is here in the tropics or there in Siberian like surroundings.

that is that   

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