Friday, October 19, 2012


THE solution to the crisis, yours or ours,  is to look within for original answers to particular problems.  In Spain, the people in some rural, Canary islands little neck of the woods town, with just a coal mine, agriculture, wine/cheese/oil and related business, some tourism/gastronomy, with a reliable health system and traveling doctor, with an incredible efficient elementary school with no books or blackboards!

It is disconcerting  to observe such quality of life/time there, when most of the time, news broadcasting systems focus on the increasing misery of Greece, Spain, Portugal and everyjuan else in that league, or the repugnant wealth of less than ten percent of the population in China, while ignoring the miserable salaries the 90 percent exploited population receive.  Sound USA familiar?

Meanwhile the default, fraud, financial, real estate, bank and money launders league of the world, are facing strikes and violence from those who thought that  honest working with a little pension for old age will suffice to live with some security before death do us apart.

One thing I truly do not understand.  Why is everjuan crying wolf with the 'free education' issue?  What do people need education, if it not to find jobs, work? To be cool and sophisticated?  To know more than two languages, as your humble servant?  The first parragraph shows that people do not need traditional schools to get an education, all you need is some guidance and a lap top, if there is electricity and a signal.  Since I do not believe we are equals, some will go further, others behind.

Fine, you got me drift. Education, should be from now on,  only for those people with superior intellectual talent, something measurable by the pertinent test. Do not be a cry baby. if you can not make to college, who cares?  Go to a vocational trade school. I do not think 'quality and free education' will remain the standard in many countries or any education as in Africa. Special education?  Sorry no money for that. After all is a totally hypocritical, superficial action, nojuan hires the assorted handicapped in the spectrum. At least not here. No more free rides.

The same goes, for medical services for all.  While being educated is something your could reach on your own, being healthy requires doctors, nurses and medicines often or once in a while. 

The terrible thing, totally lost for most people is that any bank//financial crisis/money laundering tolerated by any state, makes government and political parties accomplices. Avarice rules!  In consequence, many will balance working opportunities with  drugs multinationals as an option, what else is left there, planting lettuces, peppers and tomatoes?

Well, yes.  With that I will finish today's feature.    Considering the hundreds of gardening/landscaping blogs about this or that, one thing is certain, planting edibles could be done in any space, any climate. It is a matter of selection, the right creature for the right spot. Water, heat and light if you live in an apartment.

If you do not, find out. Gardening does not require any money or chemicals or anything you have to buy, except maybe tools, if you have no money, improvise.  People who prefer and have the space for chickens, goats will do that. Swap and exchange, bartering is looking, (at least in my view) as the only short run solution for those desperate without any money for rent, water, electricity, food.

Someone, not me, will have to tell and show them. Even when surrounded by asphalt/concrete as I have repeated to death for the last five years, imagination does it.  I have planted more than one thing in just sand, with little problems with insects and diseases. Fortunately I do not depend of the little I have cultivated, but many people cultivating many different things could make life easier and more tolerable.

However, throwing money, that circle of lending/loans/interests to pay debts for artificial growth, does not work in the long run. Puerto Rico could be a pet symbol of state/political/free enterprise money laundering and fraud. From a backward agricultural state, in just 60 years, we were able to reach a 100,000 millions of USA dollars of public debt for 3.5 million people, in a concrete/asphalt isle of 100 miles  X 35 miles wide, with 2.5 million vehicles. Believe it or not!

This could explain my not happy go lucky gardening ways and perspective. There is no reason to smile and pretend. Good luck to you if you do.

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  1. Tantas ínfulas que tienen los habitantes de la losa de cemento y al final acaban como el ejemplo a no seguir, la lección para que otros no caigan en el mismo hoyo.


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