Friday, October 26, 2012


    THE PHOTOS below are courtesy of Eduardo Ramos, a young, articulated gentleman with whom I have had some conversations about afterlife issues wich some people consider transcendental, conducting their life according to some ancient rules regarding food, sex and behavior.   The subject of the photos a new garden in town, the Big Apple New York.  If you do not mind crowds, a perfect installation
with some imagination and creativity.

If you ask me no lawn would be around, unless
cut only with shears or pushmowers. Imagine just for a second the noise of a trimmer/lawnmower/blower with the echo around those buildings when you are trying to sleep, not to get into the C02.  ENJOY! 

 Thanks to Eduardo Ramos, for  the nice brief chats we had, and for keeping his word, sharing the photos...Down here 2 out of 10 do, keep their word that is...Until then...

that is that.


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