Friday, October 12, 2012


WHILE watching RTV.ES  the Spain cable channel I, see a super fast train, very nice looking, with stops in necks of woods to leave 4 passengers, a two lane highway in the middle of nowhere, mostly pasture soils, that no one uses. a  huge convention center in Mallorca, half built, without any money to finish and no need for it.

One gets the exact same feeling when watching some videos of Detroit, Michigan.  Abandoned urban spaces without any purpose, with lots of wood, metal, concrete, bricks to be recycled.  I think they should dismember them building in pieces and donate them to those leaving in plastic/zinc/cardboard tents in Haiti.  It would be cheaper, than building from scratch, plus the empty spaces could be returned to 'nature.

In Puerto Rico the state of law has become one of fraud.  The latest trick to steal the elections around the corner, is to allow people in bed as in Alzheimer, paraplegics, retarded and such to 'vote'. Prisoners are allowed to vote also.  It reminds one of Lance Armstrong that winner of the tour, a sophisticated cheater for seven years, with a great desire to win.

The only thing positive in numbers is the amount of drugs,  mostly cocaine, in one kilo packages.  There is money in this business, demand and offer.  Which is the contrary of what every country in the world except for very few can offer its citizens.

I doubt very much things will go back to what they used to.  The markets are saturated with automobiles for example. When I heard some companies will reduce/stop production, that was that.  It seems that the USA model of buying like no tomorrow, with loans left and right was cool for some time, however, when the fever got out of control and bankers, stock brokers and tax evaders joined they left a great mess looking much worse day by day with grave implications for the unemployed and retired populace or those who still have a job or survive with sub employment.

I do laugh here and there. When I read/hear about education, particularly the college one, what a waste of money and effort. Imagine for example, a lawyer, in a saturated lawyer market with a college debt of  $150,000 without any job prospect or one with the Legal Aid Society, having to move back with mom and pop.  What about the mayority with silly degrees in literature, history, social work, political science, those will have to flip burguers in BK or Mickey Dee.

Some final words for meditation. If the state, anywhere, gets some efficiency going, being able to capture everyjuan involved in drug manufacture and distribution, where are the jails to keep them inside?  The problem is like highway vs vehicles in the road. One can never built them fast enough to stop/eliminate/reduce the jams.

IT seems that only at home things are some what fine and dandy. Having lost thirty pounds in 2012, now a member of Planet Fitness, I am looking handsomer than the previous decade, still not fond of being photographed as so many people in FB or garden blogs.  Bai di guey, I have never seen so many ugly people, morbid obese together at any time in my 61 of age.

The garden is now happier going through the cool/wet season. 

That is that. 

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