Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I have been surprised by the response to one of my recent posts.  One dealing with the brutal noise, and related issues. Now is time to share my observations about the many customers between the ages of 20 and 45.

Many gays go together to work out with free weights, cables, but rarely use the different aerobic machines to increase stamina and weight loss.  Non gay customers are also guilty, as if a good sweat was some kind of a sin.

Same goes for the dorks, classical macho men doing every exercise with excess weight, unable to control it, and constantly checking themselves on the mirrors.  To compensate, they swing the torso to get momentum, increasing the possibility of getting hurt.  Dropping the the 40/50 pounds dum bells on the floor shaking the whole gym.

The concept of set, repetition, group muscle is absent, judging from my observations.

Quite a few men and women are unable to leave their phones in the locker. It is a real trip, for yours truly to watch these fools interrupting the work out to engage in silly conversations, evidently not emergencies, particularly while in the stationary bicycle or treadmill.  There is one character into text messaging between repetitions.

There another wimp that spend most of his time chatting with those who actually work out. The problem is that thanks to the music volume, hollering is mandatory and one have to listen to his conversation five/ten feet away. A pain in the ass if you ask me.  He is not the only one. Some trainers are also in the same bag, unaware of the irritation it causes to people trying to concentrate in what they do.

Perhaps the greatest oddity are those who bring their Ipods and similar gadgets to 'listen' to their musical preferences. However, the  loudspeakers in the gym are so intense that they have to turn theirs so high, that innocent victims near by can hear the treble from their earphones on the treadmill/bike, another pain in the butt.

The trainers?  It does not matter if they are men or woman, black or white, they seem infatuated with the red ball, exercises requiring extreme effort, too often with tension wires. What the hell they try to accomplish with this, is a mystery to your humble servant. When you observe carefully it seems therapeutic treatment instead of exercising to be healthy and handsome.

One would imagine that people out of shape, who never practiced sports, or played with crap in the cradle, need to develop stamina, tone, some muscle, not resistance to this or that. At any case one thing should come before the other, but it is not the case at the gym.

My routine and philosophy?

It started in adolescence.  Weight lifting to develop my skinny, muscle less frame.  Favorite muscles to work out: deltoids, biceps, triceps, forearms, trapezius and chest in that order.

The need to move correctly to develop the group muscles avoiding any chance to get hurt with adequate weight.  Most everything one needs to know, I learned by 16, from Muscle Builder Magazine.

In those days there were no steroids. You had to drink lousy tasting proteins with milk and banana shakes.

Addominals were part of the routine, but not any longer. Squats and leg exercises are a waste of time if you ask me.

The use of treadmill and stationary bike will develop those muscles if you work out with discipline.

I usually burn between 500 and  800 calories not counting those in addition to my weight lifting routine.

Something these gym dorks/freaks and else never
mention is eating less.  If you eat like a pig, burning calories in the gym is a waste of time, if looking young, handsome and fit is the goal.

Finally, when I watch the curves from my triceps, the ribs without the 25 pounds lost, the 2 inches in me waist gone, while brushing me teeth,  I feel some joy...

that is that

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  1. Your account of trainers and various gym people is part of why I don't go to gyms, or my wife quit being a trainer (though she is at the gym 6X week). People are so odd in how they have no regards for themselves or others there. Or on trails, like where I go.

    (yes, my Blogger account is once more allowing me to log in to my own blog, not to mention comment on all blogs...at least for now!)


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