Sunday, December 18, 2011


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Due to a silly error or technical difficulties If I may, in this post, photos and story do not match exactly.  Organize the material, or inquire.

A pot  could make or break a plant or your installation.  Those orangy cheap plastic ones, change  colors with the UV rays, cracking when  moved  and what the hell, I hate them.

Today I will present examples of some plant location changes.  I prefer rectangular to round pots. There are plastic, concrete, clay and fiberglass at home. I chose  based on aesthetics, irrigation and durability issues. Shape, size and volume of the selected plant is also considered. Some plants do not look their best in one or the other.  That is why, once in a while location changes are imperative.

The pink clay pot was recycled a week ago..Me wife saw it in the same yard where I found the concrete disk with the Agave in  the west garden.  Both were part of a typical corny water fountain from Home Depot.  Now they are doing much better in my humble one.

The beige pot in the stupid useless dolly is fiberglass. The plant is a Zamia, an endemic one. A gift from 
Rengui.  When I found the clay pot in  the tittle, I thought that it will look better in pink. Another reason is that I will not have to change it again since this pot has twice the space for the root system.

The Crinum amabile was a present from Mercedes who passed away some time ago. It was in a concrete round pot Don Miguel gave me soon after we moved.
It is one of two, with legs, forty years old easily.  

The oriental looking pot, is a fake lacquered fiberglass with a Proiphys amboinensis a gift from Suncha. These plants remind me of a favorite, Hostas. Their flowers are fragrant, similar to Eucharis amazonica in size.

This water fountain disk is between 30/40 pounds.
It does not get flooded thanks to rags for capillary water extraction. 

that is  that

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