Friday, December 16, 2011


24 hours ago I reported the disappearance of our 2005, Mitsubishi Outlander rear view covers, by email. The next day I had to make a phone call, since Angel Gomez, the Facilities Manager, has computer phobia.  

He tells me that he needs more information about the vehicle and minutes later I sent the information.  Again, he refuses to answer the 2nd email, (both at the bottom).

I made an appointment to watch the blurry security video clip taken at the entrance of the parking lot, today. It shows someone (impossible to say if man or woman) driving a similar vehicle one hour ago. The vehicle arrives at  6:48 PM.   However me wife and I arrived at 7:15 for a work out at LIVfitnessclub.*

Moral of the story, if your vehicle is damaged or vandalized in such parking lots they will always find  some loophole to screw you. 

This Sherlock, yours truly, never rests...The suspicious mind wonders...If there was only ONE white Outlander on the premises with 8 cameras and one lonely employee on the day of the robbery...what is the point, feeble minded?

AFTER I watched the shitty video, machine gun like multiple inquiring questions were asked...This is the FIRST 'alleged robbery' since 2008, according to the young handsome, well dressed, clean cut modersoker.  
Why do they have 8 cameras and only show the victims one shitty video clip?  The ONLY one, while a white Outlander enters and exits...SON OF BEACHES!

MR. Angel Gomez argument?  The covers had  been stolen, before we got to their Double Tree by Hilton parking lot.  

The question arises by necessity....Why/how in the fucking world one will open the door of his/her vehicle without noticing the damned mirror to the left of the door handle? How can anyjuan miss the white cover missing?

The logical response from this Rhodes Scholar?  We have 8 or 10 parking and that happens a lot..Me cago en la madre que les pario. 

answered, emails for the record. No one gets away with murder on me necks of the wood.

First message
Saludos Angel Gomez,

Ayer miercoles los covertores de los retrovisores de nuestro auto, fueron robados en su estacionamiento entre las 7:15  PM y 8:30 PM, mientras visitamos el gimnasio.

Agradecere alguna respuesta sobre el asunto.


 2nd  unanswered email
to agomez
Saludos,Vehiculo Mitsubishi Outlander blanco, cuatro puertas 2005.  Estacionado no lejos de la entrada de los elevadores.

Espero que ahora pueda investigar, y si no es mucho trabajo contestar el correo electronico. Tengo la impresion que si no le llamo, no hubiese contestado, considerando que leyo el mensaje anoche.

En mi opinion, contrario a la tendencia insular, es que el correo electronico, no solo es mas eficiente que lo telefonico, sino que deja constancia de los hechos y los actos..


Evidently our hero and his employers believe that  people who can afford the gym, are into scams using parking lots on the premises  to report fake robberies to get the 100/200 bucks to buy spare covers after some lengthy, pain in  the ass insurance/police station procedures.

that is that


  1. great, got the comments bar again. it's incredible they actually got the video and that they'd let you see it. The video always gets damaged or recorded over by the guards. It was the typical excuse I'd hear in the back door of the hotels back in the day.
    Similar excuses I heard on a KFC once. They say it's their parking if you park there and then go somewhere else, but if they steal anything from the car it is not their parking. I used to tease the police that stopped there to give tickets and asked them if they were private guards for the restaurants. A couple of times I called the manager to see if they installed security cameras on the surrounding areas.
    Sorry for the situation though...

  2. After some thought here it is. The damage occurred on Tuesday,between 7:15/8:30, we went back the next day, that shows the discrepancy in hours..The bastard showed me a recording of the next day after the parts had been stolen already on Thursday. Nice trick, only a scam artist will do such thing.


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