Sunday, December 25, 2011


CHARACTERS like your humble servant, " hiding with a nome de plume to criticize" as I have been told, accused twenty times, never rest. I had to close 2011 with a big bang.

The volunteer, a Coccoloba uvifera, one of two, belong to a special group in the collection.  I feel a particular attachment to some more than others, for this or that reason, in this case, aesthetics evidently not one of them.

This 5 year old tree was relocated thanks to the constant chewing of  leaves by brown beetles. Phyllophaga portorricensis.  It has been going on for years. These beetles are also fond of Hibiscus, but the damage is not as evident.

The pictures at left are pretty straightforward as to procedures, digging, pruning, and irrigation since the soil was dry.

Let the record show that I made one trip to find the best spot, dug the hole and returned home to do what I had to, on the the pictures at left.

Total time from start to end 45 minutes.  Chances of survival 50-50. If it rains in the next 48 hours, 70-30.

that is that

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