Thursday, March 29, 2012


 IF you visit this space once in a while, you may remember my battle with LIVfitness Club, the scumbags, unfashionable hicks in Condado, unable to understand the difference between a cheap gay disco and expensive gym, the stupidity of 200 decibels along hearing loss for customers and staff.

After they black balled me,  I went to the retro, old fashioned cheaper, with lots of old gizzards YMCA Gym becoming a member sometime later.  The 99 pound trainer took me blood pressure making a gesture of discomfort or surprise when she saw the numbers.

I, stubborn as usual did not pay much attention to her reluctance to allow me to work out.  I left, returning two days later training as usual, until yesterday.

The doubt was in me mind. What if the trainer was right? The doctor made a similar gesture after measuring, asking the usual questions.  Well what do you know...I have to get some laboratories done,  x ray, echocardiogram and already in medication. 

In brief, a few things worked out in my favor.  The black balling from the bastards and bastardetes with LIVfitness, my post in the link below used to justify my unwelcoming, saving $1,600.00, their stupidity and Dixie backwardness has saved me health.

I write health not life, since it is not a matter of life and death at this time.  Having lost 27 pounds and slowly eliminating the little smoking and alcohol intake will allow me to rebound quickly. 

Another issue, pertinent to all, is the fortune of having medical insurance.  In USA there is a debate that Democrats will certainly lose, against medical insurance for all.  Capitalism does not want it.
It seems that universal health coverage is not profitable, by their standards.

If I did not have insurance, even when my situation is not life/death, it would become one with time, unable to pay for doctors, treatment and medication.  

that is that 

This is the post used
by the bastards, below


  1. Antigonum, no te mueras. Puerto Rico te necesita. Usted es la ley.

  2. Esto trae al recuerdo, conversaciones cortas, raras con mi maximo ejemplo, mi padre.

    Antigonum: Padre i cuando yo me muera i/o si yo me muero?
    Te ponemos en escabeche.

    Este servidor morira cuando llegue
    el momento, no ahora, antes o despues.


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